CGO Launches Web-Based Optical Material Sourcing

Custom Glass Optics, LLC was launched in June of this year as a web based solution for quick-turn optical substrate and components.  CGO offers access to a wide variety of glass materials and optical components, providing the customer with a consolidated offering of available inventories from the most reputable sources in the industry. The site is configured for simple navigation and on-line ordering, allowing the user to quickly find suitable solutions and place an order directly using a secure credit card link.

Among the product lines found on this site are:

Glass Wafers – Produced to the highest industry standards, wafers are available from 25mm to 300mm in diameter using the highest quality Fused Silica, Eagle XG, Borofloat, and other popular glass materials.

Raw Material – Glass materials such as Eagle XG, Borofloat, Willow and D263 can be purchased directly in full stock sheets or custom cut to size.

Sapphire Wafers – A listing of stock wafers from .25" to 1.5" in various thicknesses available for immediate shipment.

Pyrex Rod Tube – A wide variety of diameters and thicknesses available in stock lengths or cut to size for fast delivery.

Lithium Niobate and Lithium Tantalate Wafers – Three, Four and Six Inch wafers stocked for use in telecom, mobile phone, acoustic wave devices, nonlinear optics, Q-switching devices and other applications.

Look for new product lines to be added in the future.  CGO makes sourcing of optical materials fast, simple and cost effective.  For more information, contact CGO at or call 757-880-9543.

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