CeramTec's Advanced Ceramics for the Automotive Industry

Environmental concerns, safety, technological advances, and changes in government regulations are only a few challenges facing the automotive industry. Those within the automotive manufacturing industry must be able to face these challenges through process improvement and the use of new, innovative materials. Advanced ceramics contain exceptional properties for extremely stringent demands on durability and resilience. CeramTec's proficiency in the complex manufacturing process of advanced ceramics and its leadership in developing and integrating ceramics components for complex systems create a perfect fit for the future of the automotive industry. Extreme durability and wear resistance, low weight, high heat and corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, and thermal or electrical insulation are demands facing the automotive industry. These demands are met to perfection by advanced ceramics parts and components manufactured by CeramTec.

Engine components are exposed to the highest stress and many other factors through temperature fluctuations, splashing water and shocks. These are perfect situations for materials and systems technology offering the highest performance. Ceramic materials can be very lightweight and extremely heat, wear and corrosion resistant. With great reliability, they perform critical tasks where conventional materials fail. MMC composites as well as structural ceramics offer design engineers new perspectives in lightweight engine production. In engines heat-resistant ceramic parts like valve components, backings in the crankshaft housing and components for gasoline and water pumps ensure increased efficiency, less wear and lower noise emission.

CeramTec's advanced ceramics play a vital role in increasing safety, cost-effectiveness and comfort in vehicle engineering. CeramTec's LED lighting systems with ceramic components significantly improve visibility and protective ceramics deliver the required safety.

The Roles of CeramTec's Advanced Ceramics...

... in engine management: -Valve discs for high-pressure injection systems -Components for electric fuel pumps -Rotating seal rings for coolant-water pumps -Bushings -Components for pressure transducers -Preforms for cylinder liners -Heating elements, e.g. in oxygen sensors -Modules for thermal and electric insulation -Heat sinks -Piezoelectric knock sensors -Piezoceramics for liquid level sensors -Films as a basis for lambda probes -Components for control electronics

... in car lighting: -Contact systems for halogen light -Switching spark gaps for xenon light -Components and modules for thermal and electric insulation

... in automotive electronics: -Films for micro hybrid circuitry (LTCC) -Substrates as a basis for electronic circuitry -Substrates as sensor elements for mass air flow sensors Passenger protection systems -Substrates for air bag control -Acceleration sensors -Piezoelectric back-up sensors Transmission and suspension systems -Film for micro hybrid circuitry (LTCC) used on ABS/ASR and ESP assemblies -Substrates as a basis for ABS/ASR and ESP assemblies -Substrates as a basis for controlling infinitely-variable automatic transmissions -Substrates for monolithic pressure sensors -Resistor carriers for all electronic assemblies -Piezoceramics for Gyro sensors -Piezoceramic actuators for transmission hydraulics -Piezoceramic actuators for hydraulic valve controls on ABS, ASR and ESP -Piezoceramic actuators for vibration and noise suppression and for chassis/suspension control

CeramTec (www2.ceramtec.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CeramTec GmbH and a leading manufacturer of high-tech, custom-engineered ceramic solutions, including hermetic components with the Ceramaseal® trademark. CeramTec products serve a wide variety of applications around the globe including: analytical/scientific equipment, automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, and semiconductor/ultra high vacuum industries. ISO 9001:2008

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