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Centrify Offers Worldwide Technical Support for Open Source Interoperability Solutions

Centrify's DirectControl-Enabled Implementations of OpenSSH, Kerberos Utilities PuTTY, and Samba Now Include Technical Support Services

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 15 -- Centrify Corporation, a leading provider of solutions that securely integrate non-Microsoft systems and applications with Microsoft Active Directory, today announced its Support for Open Source Software solution. This service solution is a companion to the DirectControl-enabled versions of OpenSSH, Kerberos Utilities, PuTTY, and Samba that Centrify provides free to all of its customers. Centrify's unique Support for Open Source Software solution assures organizations that they will receive consistent and knowledgeable support not only for the DirectControl suite itself but also for the ecosystem of Open Source applications that they rely on for additional enterprise services and day-to-day productivity.

Centrify DirectControl enables UNIX, Linux and Mac servers and workstations to participate in an Active Directory domain by effectively turning the host system into an Active Directory client. This enables an organization to secure and manage that system using the same authentication, access control, and Group Policy services currently deployed for its Windows systems. Centrify recognizes that customers also employ a variety of Open Source software for day-to-day operations (such as remote access through OpenSSH, Kerberos Utilities, and PuTTY) and to deliver enterprise services (such as file sharing through Samba). Centrify's packaged, DirectControl- enabled versions of these Open Source tools include recompiled versions of the Open Source software, documentation, customized installation and now, the option of technical support.

"Providing DirectControl-enabled versions of Open Source software, along with our new technical support for Open Source software option, distinguishes Centrify as a solution provider, not just a technology provider," said David McNeely, Director of Product Management for Centrify. "Integrating non-Windows systems with Active Directory is the first step in the process toward creating a secure, connected infrastructure for a heterogeneous environment. Centrify is helping its customers accelerate that process through our unique Support for Open Source Software program, which will result in enhanced security and better manageability for that environment."

Centrify offers the same options for Support for Open Source Software as it does for its product support. These include worldwide phone and email support, access to an exclusive web portal, response time commitments and product and information downloads.

About Centrify

Centrify is a leading provider of Microsoft Active Directory-based access control and identity management solutions for UNIX, Linux, Mac, J2EE and web platforms. With DirectControl, organizations can improve efficiency, better comply with regulatory requirements and move toward a more secure, connected infrastructure for their heterogeneous computing environment. Founded in March 2004, Centrify is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about Centrify and DirectControl, call 650-961-1100 or visit

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