Centrifuge removes fine grinding solids from oils.

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Automatic solids discharging centrifuge, Turbo-Separator T40-2 cleans oils without use of filter media. Able to remove 1-10 micron particles generated in find grinding operations, system offers process rates up to 40 gpm with solids removal rate up to 44 lb/hr. Centrifuge system is PLC-controlled and includes digital interface and sensors for monitoring operating parameters. Automatic controls sequence process and allow unattended operation.

Original Press Release:

Automatic Centrifuge Removes Fine Grinding Solids from Oils

The Turbo-Separator T40-2 is an automatic solids discharging centrifuge for cleaning oils without the use of filter media. The centrifuge removes the 1 - 10 micron particles generated in fine grinding applications. The T40-2 has a process rate of up to 40 GPM with a solids removal rate of up to 44 pounds per hour. Systems are designed for use with a single CNC or in-line with central manufacturing cells. Automatic controls sequence the process and allow unattended operation. The discharged solids are dry and easily reclaimable. The T40-2 is PLC controlled and includes an easy to use digital interface and sensors for monitoring operating parameters including bearing wear, centrifuge speed and sludge discharge.

Turbo-Separators are in use worldwide for filtering oils, coolants and parts washer fluids, and they provide important productivity benefits including improved product finish, increased tool efficiency and less maintenance in the machine tool.

Along with automatic discharging units a full line of smaller centrifuges are available for various applications.
For more information visit www.sanborntechnologies.com/T40.html or email: sales@sanborntechnologies.com, 1-508-660-9150 ext. 3112.

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