Cemline Corporation Introduces Cem-Trol®II

Cemline Corporation Cem-Trol®II Solid State Water Heater Control Module incorporates operating and limit functions in one solid state controller.

Cheswick, PA, April 5, 2017 - Cem-Trol®II Solid State Control Module combines all temperature control and limit functions for Cemline Packaged Steam and Boiler Water Fired Water Heaters into one simple to use and easy to understand control module. 

The updated Cem-Trol®II controller replaces the orginal Cem-trol controller used on Cemline Packaged Water Heaters. The controller features a LCD touch screen display of the temperature and on board operating PID temperature control along with high temperature safety cut offs and alarm indications. The Cem-Trol®II is equipped with communications to the building management system using Mobus protocol via a RS-485 connection. The Cem-Trol®II simplifies the control of the Cemline Packaged Steam and Boiler Water Fired Water Heaters, enhances the look of the product, and follows the industry trend to touch screen and solid state controls.

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