Ceiling Leak Diverter

1800ceiling.com has an innovative ceiling leak diverter.  The Ceiling Leak Diverter System was designed to capture and divert water leaks. It eliminates the slippery, water on the floor conditions, the plastic sheets hanging into the bucket, wet ceiling marks, etc.

The ceiling leak diverter Kit Includes: 2'x2' (#4931) or 2'x2' (#4932) Panel; Adjustable 1/2" Discharge Elbow Valve; Ceiling Grid Clips; Adjustable Hose Hangers/Plastic Ties and 25' Clear 1/2" Vinyl Tubing.


1. Remove old panel from ceiling grid.

2. Clean the inside of the T-Bar so the Leak Diverter panel sits in the track evenly.

3. Install the Leak Diverter in the ceiling grid/T-Bar.

4. Determine the route for the hose and attach the grid clip, hook one lip of the ceiling grid and squeeze the grid clip until it snaps onto the T-Bar. The first ceiling grid clip should be attached to the T-Bar that supports the panel.

5. Cut the tubing to desired length and attach to the ceiling grid clips using the adjustable hose hangers. Make sure you create a slope evenly away from panel. Depress the locking tongue in the adjustable hose hangers to release it for proper adjustment. If necessary use 2 adjustable tubing hangers together to drop the tubing further from the ceiling.

6. Connect tubing to end of panel's barbed outlet by pressing the tubing over the outlet. Brace the elbow of the Leak Diverter panel's barbed outlet with your hand and twist the tubing slightly as you press it on. Check slope of tubing and make adjustments if necessary. The discharge end of the tubing should be directed to a receptacle placed in a safe area.

7. Check on your installation at least every hour to be sure that the hose has not become kinked or obstructed in any way. Also, check to to make sure your receptacle is not overflowing.

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