CCD-based Cameras are designed for surface inspection.

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Operated as stand-alone or with PC-hosted, software-based setup, Web-i series includes all algorithms and hardware needed to inspect any non-patterned material, piece, or roll. Cameras come in anodized aluminum casing with 1K, 2K, or 4K CCD sensors, which operate at pixel rate of 40 MHz. While 50 mm Nikon(TM) lens is standard, other lenses can be fitted using bayonet mount. Other features include Small Defect mode, pixel compensation, and edge tracking.

Original Press Release:

New Web-i Series of Surface Inspection Cameras

SANTA ROSA, CA - WEBVIEW, Inc., a leader in machine vision and inspection technologies, announced the introduction of its new Web-i series of surface inspection cameras, the Web-i-1K, Web-i-2K and the Web-i-4K.

"The Web-i brings the cost of surface inspection down to make it affordable to many companies that would like to use machine vision but have not been able to get over the high entry costs. It's also attractive to companies that are already using machine vision and would like to reduce their current costs," said Philip Russo, Webview's Chief Executive Officer. "These cameras start at under $8,000.00!"

The Web-i is easy to setup using a standard Windows(TM)-based computer to inspect just about any non-patterned material, piece or roll, that exists. Unlike other systems, which require new hardware or software to inspect different materials, all algorithms and necessary hardware are already built into the Web-i. To set it up to inspect different types of products (such as metal and paper), one only needs to change the inspection parameters within the included, easy-to-use software. Of course, lighting requirements need to be reviewed and modified as necessary.

The Web-i is available with either 1K, 2K, or 4K CCD sensors. "We chose CCD because it generally has better sensitivity and less noise than CMOS," stated Mr. Russo. The sensors operate at a pixel rate of 40 MHz, allowing inspection of products moving at high rates of speed.

Housed in a rugged anodized aluminum casing, the Web-i comes complete with a 50 mm Nikon(TM) lens, which was chosen for its larger aperture. Other lenses can be easily fitted using the bayonet mount on the Web-i.

The Web-i can operate standalone for alarm purposes, or can be attached to a host computer running Windows 2000(TM) through Vista(TM) for complete inspection imaging and archiving.

"You can set up the Web-i to identify defects by many different parameters. It also comes complete with a special Small Defect mode which allows sub-pixel, high-contrast defects to be detected. Pixel compensation and edge tracking are included as well," said Sarah Lowrey, Webview's VP of Technical Services. "The Web-i offers the sophistication of complex surface inspection systems in a very affordable, simple to use product."

Complete rollmaps are included when operating the camera with a host computer, and inspection data can be exported easily to almost any database or spreadsheet.

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