Cavity Pressure Sensors Now Available without Cables

As technology leader in sensors and systems for monitoring injection molding processes, Kistler presents a new generation of cavity pressure sensors without connecting cables. These designs use the mechanical support sleeve to conduct the pressure signals from the sensor via mold platens. Cable-free sensors simplify handling and mounting, increase flexibility and availability and cut maintenance costs. The first cavity pressure sensors to be available with a spring contact for this new approach to conducting the charge will be Types 6183AN (front diameter of 1 mm) and 6182BN (2,5 mm).

With this new technology the sensor is mounted with a sleeve that supports it in the mold platen or the molding module and senses the forces under load. In the cable-free system this sleeve is designed to transfer the charge signals of the sensor from the sensor to a contact element in the supporting mold platen. The moldmaker can shorten the sleeve as required to suit different platen thicknesses. The ends of the sleeve are finished square with its axis. The contact element is provided with a single-wire cable that transfers the charge to the single- or multichannel connector on the mold. A miniature pin contact for the single-wire cable allows replacement of the cable connected to the contact element.

The sleeve system offers the user numerous advantages: cable-free sensors are easier to handle and simplify mounting and removal of the mold. They eliminate replacement of sensors with damaged cables. The cable connected to the contact element can also be readily replaced in situ. All in all, this new technology offers maximum sensor system availability at minimum cost.

Background: the cavity pressure curve

In injection molding, the cavity pressure curve serves as the fingerprint for the forming of molded parts and is the most significant parameter for the assessment of part quality.

As the supplier of the world's largest and widest range of sensors for all injection molding techniques, a simple connection technology and networkable systems that are intuitively easy to operate, Kistler is the only manufacturer offering a one-stop shop of tools for integrated monitoring in the field of injection molding. Kistler is the world's leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature sensors for use in the plastics processing industry.

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Kistler's core competence is the development, production and use of sensors for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler's know-how and electronic systems can be used to prepare measuring signals for use in analyzing physical processes, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, improving product quality in manufacturing and improving performance in sports and rehabilitation.

Kistler offers a comprehensive range of sensors and systems for engine development, automotive engineering, plastics and metal processing, installation technology and biomechanics. A worldwide sales presence in the form of 23 group companies and 30 distributors ensures customer proximity, application support on an individual level and short lead times. With a staff of 850, the Kistler Group is one of the world's leading providers of dynamic measuring instrumentation. The Kistler Group achieved a turnover of 195 million Swiss Francs in the 2007 financial year.

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