Caster Wheels have 70 durometer polyurethane tread.

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Superlast® XC wheels have 1 in. tread chemically bonded to forged steel centers and are offered in sizes from 8 x 3 in. with capacity of 4,550 lb to 12 x 4 in. with 7,800 lb capacity. All wheels have precision-tapered roller bearings. Duralast® XC wheels have ½ in. tread chemically bonded to cast iron centers and come in 4 x 2 in. to 12 x 3 in. sizes with capacities from 975-4,550 lb. Wheels have precision bearings or precision ball bearings.

Original Press Release:

Hamilton Introduces New XC Wheel Series with 70-durometer Ether-Based Polyurethane Treads...

Hamilton, OH. October 1, 2003 - Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. has just introduced the new XC (extra capacity) Wheel Series featuring 70-durometer ether-based polyurethane treads. Available in both its Duralast® and Superlast® wheels, the new polyurethane compound rolls easier under load and carries 30% more capacity than the industry standard 95 durometer (shore A). Furthermore, the harder tread repels foreign objects and debris (FOD).

New Superlast® XC wheels have 1" of the 70-durometer polyurethane chemically bonded to forged steel centers and are offered in sizes from 8" x 3" (capacity 4,550 lbs.) to 12" x 4" (capacity 7,800 lbs.) All wheels are furnished with precision tapered roller bearings. These are among the highest capacity polyurethane wheels on the market today.

New Duralast® XC wheels have ½" of the 70-durometer polyurethane chemically bonded to cast iron centers and are offered in sizes from 4" x 2" to 12" x 3" with capacities from 975 lbs. to 4,550 lbs. All 2" wide wheels are standard with precision bearings for ½" axles; 3" wide wheels have precision ball bearings for ¾" axles. The combination of the harder-durometer tread and precision ball bearings significantly increases rollability over traditional polyurethane wheels with roller bearings.

Superlast® XC wheels are also available in Hamilton's premium Forged Steel caster series, including Maxi-Duty, Maxi-Duty Dual, Precision Super Duty and the kingpinless style Super Endurance casters. Duralast® XC wheels are offered in the following 3" wide caster series: Super Endurance, Champion and Extra Heavy Duty casters. Duralast® XC wheels with 2" faces are available in Heavy Service and Workhorse caster series.

For more information on Superlast® XC and Duralast® XC wheels and/or casters, contact: Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co., 1637 Dixie Hwy., Hamilton, OH 45011. Phone 888-699-7162; Fax 800-232-3733, website: or e-mail:

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