Cast-In Aluminum Platen Heaters For Wafer Processing

Durex Industries, Cary, Illinois, manufactures cast-in platen heaters for wafer processing applications. These cast-in bake and chill platens utilize a high-density mineral-insulated heating element, formed to provide a specific heat profile and cast-in 99.7% pure aluminum.

Cooling tubes of various materials can be run systematically with the heat pattern for uniform chill requirements. Temperature uniformity across the surface of the cast-in platens can achieve ±1% of the maximum operating temperature. Zero porosity of the castings offers increased operating temperatures to 450°C (850°F).

Helium Leak test specifications of 1 x 108 cc/sec. are performed to guarantee integrity of the complete assembly. Precision machining of the cast-in aluminum platens using CAD/CAM/CAE and CNC manufacturing techniques maintains a flatness tolerance of .0005" and insures exact location of vacuum grooves, channels and hole patterns.

The cast-in aluminum platen surfaces can be supplied with a hard coat anodized finish and shipped chem-cleaned and packaged to cleanroom specifications. Variations of these platen heater designs are typically found in PVD, CVD, etch, strip, photolithography and probe test equipment.

Durex provides rapid prototyping and engineering services for all applications.

For more information please contact:

Durex Industries

190 Detroit Street

Cary, Illinois USA

p: 800-762-3468 f: 847-639-2199

Bill Johnson

Sales Representative

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