CASMED Places 1,000th FOSIGHT® Cerebral Oximeter

Milestone Reflects Continued Sales Momentum for New ELITE Monitor

BRANFORD, Conn. - CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CASM) (CASMED), a leader in medical devices for non-invasive patient monitoring, today announced that the worldwide cumulative net shipment total of FORE-SIGHT Cerebral Oximeters reached 1,000 as of last week. This total includes monitors installed at nine of the top 20 adult cardiac surgery centers and three of the top ten pediatric centers in the U.S. The Company had previously disclosed a net cumulative total of 935 units as of December 31, 2013.

"Reaching this significant milestone is a sign of the continued strong market acceptance of the FORE-SIGHT ELITE™ monitor, which was introduced in September," said Tom Patton, CASMED's President and CEO. "Most importantly, cumulative sales of our disposable oximetry sensors have surpassed 300,000, meaning more than 150,000 adult, child, and newborn patients have benefited from the use of FORE-SIGHT technology. Improving patient care is one of CASMED's core values, and it is rewarding to know that with FORE-SIGHT oximetry we have enabled clinicians around the world to provide better outcomes for so many people.

"In response to the growing interest in cerebral oximetry and the demand for our products, we recently added four direct sales representatives in the U.S. to handle territories where we had been under-represented by independent distributors, bringing our U.S. distribution to nine direct reps plus three manufacturer's rep organizations."

About CASMED® -- Monitoring What's Vital

CASMED is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices for non-invasive patient monitoring. The Company's FORE-SIGHT Absolute Cerebral Oximetry technology provides highly accurate, non-invasive, continuous measurement of absolute cerebral tissue oxygen saturation. Direct monitoring of tissue oxygenation provides a superior and powerful tool to alert clinicians to otherwise unrecognized and dangerously low levels of oxygenation of the brain and other tissues, thereby allowing them to intervene appropriately in the care of their patients. In addition to FORE-SIGHT Oximeters and accessories, the Company provides a line of bedside patient vital signs monitoring products, proprietary non-invasive blood pressure monitoring solutions for OEM use, neonatal intensive care supplies, and service. CASMED products are designed to provide unique monitoring solutions that are vital to patient care. For further information regarding CASMED, visit the Company's website at

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