Casinos Retrofit Popular Slot Games with Tactile Feedback Enhancement from 3M

Award-winning MCT System Technology Enlivens Existing Slot Games

METHUEN, Mass.--When casino operators from Connecticut to California needed an after-market technology solution to help create renewed player interest and promote increased usage for their legacy video slot games, 3M Touch Systems' new "tactile feedback" touch system offered them the enhancement they were looking for. Known as the MicroTouch(TM) Capacitive TouchSense® System (MCT System), this next-generation touch interface incorporates tactile feedback technology to give on-screen game buttons the sensation of pressing traditional mechanical buttons. Now players can see, hear and actually "feel" the on-screen button selections of their favorite games. And, as casino operators upgrade legacy games and game developers incorporate the tactile experience into their new game designs, slot players should experience a whole new dimension of play.

Since the MCT System can be implemented in two different ways, as either part of the original, direct-from-the-manufacturer gaming machine or as an after-market retrofit to existing video slot machines, casino operators are taking the initiative to upgrade games in designated areas on their slot floor. Over the next few months, these enhanced games should provide casinos with the key player feedback and usage patterns needed to expand the MCT System upgrade throughout the slot floor.

One factor helping speed game conversions is that casino operators have found the upgrade process relatively easy. By working with their preferred display integrators, casinos can incorporate the MCT System into their planned CRT-to-LCD upgrades or can add tactile-feedback components to existing LCDs. Then, once tactile-feedback zones are created to correspond with existing on-screen touch buttons, players can experience tactile feedback with their favorite games.

Contributing to the notion that tactile feedback could be the "next big thing" in slot gaming technology, the MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System was recently awarded finalist honors in Casino Journal's "Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2007" and Casino Enterprise Management Magazine's "Top Ten Slot Floor Products for 2008".

"Since the MicroTouch ClearTek product has been a gaming touch interface standard for the past 15 years, 3M is in a unique position to implement this next-generation touch interface," said Scott Hagermoser, gaming business unit manager, 3M Touch Systems. "By working with both casino operators and game manufacturers, 3M can implement tactile feedback into existing slot games, as well as future slot games."

Interested casino operators and game manufacturers can "feel" the MCT System tactile-feedback technology at the following venues over the next few months or contact 3M for an on-site demonstration.

SID Display Week 2008, Los Angeles, CA, May 20-22

Gaming Technology Summit 2008, Henderson, NV, May 21-22

G2E Asia 2008, Macao SAR, China, June 4-5

About the MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System (MCT System)
The MCT System combines a MicroTouch ClearTek II capacitive touch sensor and an enhanced MicroTouch EX II controller with tactile-feedback technology licensed from Immersion Corporation. The MCT System creates on-screen tactile feedback for game players by calculating the touch coordinates, which are passed to the gaming application on the CPU and then to the TouchSense Effects Library. The assigned tactile effect is passed back through the EX II controller to activate multiple actuators mounted to the touch screen to create the specified tactile sensation that the player "feels." The elapsed time from the initiated touch to receipt of tactile response is virtually undetectable by users.

About 3M Touch Systems, Inc.
3M Touch Systems Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M, operates globally and reports through the 3M Electro and Communications Business, headquartered in Austin TX.

3M Touch Systems provides fast, accurate and reliable touch products to customers worldwide under the "MicroTouch" brand. Popular interactive applications include casino gaming, retail point of sale, foodservice, hospitality, self-service, mobile handheld, and interactive digital signage. For more information about MicroTouch products, visit

About 3M
A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. 3M's core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms - often in combination - to a wide array of customer needs. With $23 billion in sales, 3M employs 75,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 60 countries. For more information, including the latest product and technology news, visit

About Immersion Corporation
Founded in 1993, Immersion Corporation ( is a recognized leader in developing, licensing, and marketing digital touch technology and products. Using Immersion's advanced touch feedback technology, electronic user interfaces can be made more productive, compelling, entertaining, or safer. Immersion's technology is deployed across automotive, entertainment, industrial controls, medical training, mobility, and three-dimensional simulation markets. Immersion's patent portfolio includes over 700 issued or pending patents in the U.S. and other countries.

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