Casemaking System is configured for 2 operators.

Press Release Summary:

Consisting of casemaker, sticker, and smasher, ODM System can produce over 1,000 books per day. With built in light box, user does not need to use side guide when aligning pre-printed covers. User centers title on scribed line and type lines up perfectly on spine. Casemaker can produce 120-200 covers/hr with minimum open size of 5 x 8 in. and max open size of 18 x 30 in.

Original Press Release:

New! ODM Casemaking System Built for Two!

Casemaking System is configured for two operators and can produce over 1000 books per day with the ODM Case Binding System. The ODM Case Binding System is the most cost efficient method for on demand hard cover bookbinding. The ODM system consists of the Casemaker, Sticker and Smasher.

The new built-in light box has a very specific purpose, when aligning pre-printed covers, you do not need to use the side guide. Just simply center the title on the scribed line and the type lines up perfectly on the spine. While it does increase production, the main reason is for accuracy, as all printing machines have some "bounce" in the registration.

ODM Casemaking can produce 120 to 200 covers per hour
(minimum open size 5" x 8"; maximum open size 18" x 30").

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