Case Sealer features continuous operation design.

Press Release Summary:

Model 336 hot melt adhesive case sealer is available with elevation ranging from 15 in. to 26 in. It features metering belt transfer that automatically times cases into flap tucker at speeds up to 45 cases per minute. Sealer tucks minor flaps, applies adhesive and plows major flaps closed. Rapid adjust hand cranks allow machine to accommodate case sizes from 8 in. long x 6 in. wide x 4 in. high to 24 in. long x 17 in. wide x 17 in. high.

Original Press Release:

New A-B-C Case Sealer Delivers All The Desired Featured For High Performance Top Sealing

Tarpon Springs, FL - A-B-C's new Model 336 hot melt adhesive case sealer makes it easy to achieve top packaging line production, due to its "easy install" construction that allows the sealer to be close-coupled with a drop packer (or other equipment) without added conveyor. The customized elevation is the key, as each 336 is built to the elevation the buyer needs, anywhere from 15" to 26" (+/- 3"). In addition, this sealer has a continuous operation design that automatically times cases into the flap tucker with built in metering belt transfer. This ensures proper feeding and flap tucking of cases fed back-to-back or spaced, at speeds up to 45 cases per minute. The sealer automatically tucks the minor flaps, applies adhesive and plows the major flaps closed. The built-in motorized compression section is equipped with spring loaded rollers that compensate for variances in case height. Cases exit the machine well sealed and ready for palletizing.

The machine frame is crafted of heavy gauge stainless steel, welded and bolted for strength, complete with lift up gull wing guard doors that offer high visibility and easy access for maintenance and changeover. Flexibility is built in with rapid adjust hand cranks for case sizes from minimum 8" long x 6" wide x 4" high to maximum 24" long x 17" wide x 17" high. Consult factory for case sizes outside the standard range.

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