Case Palletizing System loads 108 cases onto 2 full pallets every minute.

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Constructed of all stainless steel materials, Case Palletizing System is suited for use in wash-down environments found in dairy and beverage industries. Powered electrically, empty pallet-handling section includes pallet dispenser and empty pallet pusher to transfer pallet into stack loading zone. Palletizing unit is hydraulically driven and features in-feed conveyor section with stack stop. System is protected by safety fence with light curtains on stack and pallet entry points.

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NEW Case Palletizing System from Westfalia Deam Palletizes 108 Cases onto 2 Full Pallets per Minute

YORK, Pa. - Westfalia Deam Systems' announces a newly designed Case Palletizing System constructed of all stainless steel materials, able to handle both plastic and wood pallets, and capable of palletizing two full pallets per minute - each pallet holding 9 stacks of cases stacked 6 high - 54 cases on each pallet. This Case Palletizing System is ideally suited to the wash-down environments found in the dairy and beverage industries.

For the first time, Westfalia has constructed all stainless steel empty pallet dispensers for these systems. The empty pallet handling section of the system is powered by electric, and includes the pallet dispenser, and the empty pallet pusher to transfer the pallet into the stack loading zone under the stack transfer plate (palletizing area).

The hydraulic palletizing unit also includes an in-feed conveyor section with stack stop, and pan style drive, in-feed stack transfer pusher with load zone transfer plate, and full pallet loading to transfer stacks onto pallets and then transfer the full pallet to the strapping zone. The system is safety protected with a surround safety fence with light curtains on stack and pallet entry points, and full pallet discharge.

As with all Westfalia products, the Case Palletizing System is thoroughly tested (Factory Automation Tests) before shipping and installation at a client's facility. The system is guaranteed to perform to the specification. Westfalia also offers a complete service / maintenance plan on all equipment to guarantee your peace of mind.
This Case Palletizing System is only part of the complete line of beverage case packing and case handling equipment available from Westfalia Deam Systems' division. To learn more about the full product line, including case packers, case stackers, conveyors, inverters and more, please contact Westfalia at 800-673-2522, 717-764-1115 or visit and click on our case packing and handling products.

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Westfalia Deam Systems is the result of merging Deam Limited of Toronto, Canada, with Westfalia Technologies, Inc. of York, Pennsylvania in 2006. It is known throughout the industry for innovative, compact, custom designed case packing and handling equipment for the dairy and beverage industries. With a full team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers in-house, Westfalia designs beverage casing and handling systems to meet each client's specific needs. To learn more about Westfalia's products, including Case Packing and Case Handling Systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Systems, please visit our website or call 800-673-2522.

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