Case Hardened Racks optimize linear applications.

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Part of High Performance Linear System, Performance Class Racks partner with gearbox/actuator and pinion for optimal efficiency. Performance version features standard hole pattern, while High Performance model has hole pattern optimized for high feeding forces. Providing strength at tooth root of racks, hardening process enables racks to resist high stresses.

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Case Hardened Rack for High Performance

WITTENSTEIN Launches New Performance Class Rack Series

Rack options continue to expand as WITTENSTEIN's mechanic expertise is applied toward optimizing linear applications. The case hardened rack series is appropriately called the Performance Class Rack. This version of rack is an integral component of WITTENSTEIN's new High Performance Linear System which partners the rack with gearbox / actuator and pinion for greater system efficiency and optimal performance.

The four series of rack systems are now Value Class, Smart Class, Premium Class and Performance Class. Value Class is the most economic choice for low-duty applications, Smart Class offers mounting flexibility and Premium Class is for high-duty applications. The Performance Class completes the range by being case hardened for optimal performance.

The Performance Class rack is available in two options - Performance (standard hole pattern) and High Performance (optimized hole pattern for high feeding forces). The Performance Class racks undergo case hardening which result in rack for the most demanding applications. The hardening process provides strength at the tooth root of the rack, enabling the rack to be resistant to high stresses and allowing higher feeding forces to be transmitted.

The case hardened rack is a main component of the new High Performance Linear System. This system doubles performance with less space, and shows high efficiencies along with high power density and high positioning accuracy.

WITTENSTEIN is committed to being a world-class partner for customers of its intelligent mechatronic drive technology, servo systems and mechanical components. By using the power of science, innovation and forward thinking engineering, the Company strives to provide cutting-edge technology for today's motion.

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