CAS DataLoggers to Attend USGS Water Data Conference

Introducing Isodaq Data Loggers: Lower Your Deployment Costs!


CAS DataLoggers will be attending this year's USGS National Water Data Conference held September 8-11 in Kansas City (Marriott Downtown), Missouri.

The conference coincides with the North American product launch of Isodaq data loggers. Ideal for data collection in hydrologic applications, all Isodaq monitoring systems deliver the data directly to your desktop with automatic daily capture, reducing the frequency and costs of site visits.

At this year's conference CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin is showcasing all-new data logger products from UK manufacturer Isodaq Technology. As low-cost, low-power deployments, these systems connect with tipping-bucket rain gauges, pressure sensors and frequency count flowmeters. Isodaq solutions are standalone data recorders giving users online access to precision measurements at remote sites, even under hostile conditions. Additionally, Isodaq online monitoring and early warning systems are extremely durable for high reliability in the water and environmental protection industries.

The Frog RX GSM GPRS data logger is the ideal choice for water resource monitoring at remote sites e.g. as a river level logger or rain gauge logger. It's easy to install the Frog inside 100mm tubes, to strap it onto poles/piezometers or to fit it inside ground-level meter-boxes without needing a secondary enclosure. With an option for an SDI-12 input, these modem dataloggers are amazingly low-cost outstations for generating alarms for heavy rainfall, river/urban flooding, or water quality/pollution alerts.

The Hawk RT GSM/GPRS data logger is a rugged telemetry data logger specifically designed for installation and use in applications where instrumentation is under continuous environmental abuse. Sealed connectors allow installation without opening the box. With a standard SDI-12 input, the Hawk RT is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure which (when the serial port connectors/caps are secured) is rated to IP67. For extended operation the Hawk RT features a lithium battery pack.

The Tadpole GSM/GPRS Data Logger has a revolutionary design and tiny footprint allowing users to fit the device into tipping-bucket rain gauges or slots inside a 50mm diam. piezometer tube. The Tadpole connects to a wide range of single input digital, analog or multi-parameter SDI-12 sensors. With field- replaceable battery packs and an accessible SIM card holder, the Tadpole offers the flexibility required for rapid deployment as part of short or long-term surveys.

Harvest for Windows is the software package used with the Isodaq family of loggers. Harvest is available in versions for both Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista or 7) and Windows Mobile (3, 5 or 6). This software allows users to set up the logger, configure their recording rates alarms, and graph data for all channels. Operators can also activate a control output on alarm, configure test telemetry modems, export data to CSV or XML format files and more.

Read how the Isodaq Frog data logger was used in a flood monitoring system in Government Engineering Magazine (pg 25-26).

For more information on our Isodaq data loggers for weather measurement, water quality applications and more, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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