Cartridge Dust and Fume Collector guarantees no leaks.

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Designed with no external bolts, CMAXX™ Compact Modular Cartridge Collector eliminates leakage and corrosion. Design also removes flat spot, stifling dust and weather-related buildup, while incorporating slanted inlet for equal air distribution across enclosed filters. Side access door comes standard to ensure that inlet baffles remain clean and unobstructed by debris. Constructed with DOT/UV Grade silver pulse-valve tubing, CMAXX offers expandable solution for almost every machining operation.

Original Press Release:

Imperial Systems Guarantees No Leaks with Newly Enhanced CMAXX(TM) Compact Collector

JACKSON CENTER, Pa.,  – Imperial Systems, Inc., has significantly upgraded its industry-renowned CMAXX(TM) Compact Modular Cartridge Collector.  Leakage and corrosion are now virtually eliminated because the unit's redesign no longer employs external bolts and, thus, has no bolt holes. 

In addition, the new design removes a flat spot, stifling dust and weather-related buildup, while also incorporating a slanted inlet for equal air distribution across the enclosed filters.  A side access door now comes standard to ensure that the inlet baffles remain clean and unobstructed by debris.  All CMAXX units are constructed with top-quality DOT/UV Grade silver pulse-valve tubing.  When necessary, filter change-outs are fast and easy, even in confined spaces, due to an included new filter-removal tool.

The CMAXX, with its distinctive new blue header, is the easily expandable, ideal dust-and-fume collector for almost every machining operation, from welding to powder coating, within a typical metalworking shop of any size.  Best of all, each unit is fully backed by a 15-year warranty.

The CMAXX has long been touted for its unique Pulse Distribution technology that delivers 100% even pulsation across the filter wall - for maximum performance and filter life.  It comes equipped with Goyen's manifold-mount valves - with patented GOCO filter-cleaning nozzles.  Plus, its air header contains standard pressure-relief valves and a pressure gage.  The CMAXX's door, constructed with premium heavy-duty stainless steel roller-bearing hinges, is double-walled, with a built-in locking mechanism to prevent any type of contamination, to facilitate rapid filter changes.

Imperial's DeltaMAXX cartridge filters, with their exceptionally fine surface layer of synthetic fibers that block particulates before they can become embedded in the media, work best within the CMAXX units.

Imperial Systems is your dust-collection/air pollution control expert.  The company designs, installs, and services complete systems, all backed by products and replacement parts that are engineered for optimal quality, safety, and value.


Jeremiah Wann

President, 800.918.3013

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