Card-Type Vibration Meter performs analyses using PDAs.

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MicroVibe(TM) portable vibration test/measurement instrument makes analyses of rotating equipment. Able to be used with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), product offers user-selectable measurement units; Vibration, Time-waveform, and FFT Spectrum Plots; and judgment criteria based on ISO standards. Unit is made to fit Springboard(TM) expansion slot of Handspring(TM) Visor handheld and accepts accelerometers and electro-dynamic velocity pickups.

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SKF's Low-Cost MicroVibe(TM) Makes Vibration Test and Measurement Accessible to Everyone Who Needs It

A first-of-its-kind instrument, Micro Vibe, allows technicians to perform analysis using Handspring(TM) Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA - The MicroVibe(TM), the latest portable vibration test and measurement instrument from SKF Reliability Systems, makes sophisticated analysis of rotating equipment available to virtually any technician in any commercial or industrial setting. Low-cost, compact and lightweight, the MicroVibe is the first vibration test and measurement instrument made to be used with a PDA. Packed full of advanced features, including user-selectable measurement units (English or metric), the instrument offers Vibration, Time-waveform, and FFT Spectrum Plots. It also provides technicians with judgment criteria based on ISO standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine's condition.

MicroVibe is a card-type vibration meter made to fit the Springboard(TM) expansion slot of a Handspring(TM) Visor handheld. MicroVibe is versatile, accepting a variety of sensors, including accelerometers and electro-dynamic velocity pickups, and thereby allowing the collection of the kind of data required in a specific operation. Also, since the MicroVibe uses a commercial, off-the-shelf PDA, it represents a significant value to the user in terms of cost when compared to other available systems, and the user has the use of a fully functional PDA for other applications. For example, a user may "hot sync" the Handspring Visor to a desktop computer, then, using available Data Extract Software, save collected vibration data to Microsoft® Excel for documenting and review.

"The MicroVibe is remarkably versatile for a small unit," says Don Marshall, product manager. "It's easy to use. It requires almost no training, is maintenance free and carries a low replacement cost.

"This product," Marshall continues, "makes vibration analysis accessible to technicians who have never used it before because of high instrument and software costs. People who have traditionally done condition monitoring on rotating machinery - plant and reliability engineers as well as maintenance and operations personnel - will use MicroVibe. However, its low cost and high functionality also make it a 'must have' for everyone from HVAC technicians to elevator mechanics, from building maintenance engineers to hospital maintenance staffs. The MicroVibe makes condition monitoring and machine reliability practical considerations for medium-size and even small commercial and industrial plants," Marshall concludes.

MicroVibe will be available via the Internet, in general industrial supply catalogs and globally by independent distributors and manufacturers' representatives.

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