Card Edge Connectors accommodate 0.062 in. daughtercards.

Press Release Summary:

Right-angle, high-density, double-row Card Edge Connectors feature 1 mm centerline spacing with more than 50 signals per linear inch. Units have selective gold plating and hairpin bellow contacts. They offer signal contact current rating of 1 A and daughtercard engagement force of 1.5 N per contact. Devices are provided in contact configurations from 2/4 to 50/100 in single increments, and may be ordered with PPS or PCT insulators.

Original Press Release:

Sullins' New High-Density Card Edge Connector Series Accommodates 0.062" Daughtercards

Right-Angle Devices Feature 1 MM Centerline Spacing with More than 50 Contacts per Linear Inch

San Marcos, CA. Octobcr 29, 2003...Sullins Electronics today announced the launch of its newest series of high-density card edge connectors engineered for horizontal board-to-board interconnection of .062" +/- .008" daughtercards. Notably, the right-angle connectors offer 50 signals per linear inch, together with unparalleled design flexibility and signal integrity. With the addition of this product family to their comprehensive lines of edgecards, headers, 2 mm Hard Metric (HM), and CompctPCI connectors, Sullins reaffirms its commitment to engineer quality products which accelerate time-to-market for next-generation systems while optimizing cost efficiencies.

These double-row, 1 mm contact centerline connectors may be confidently specified for utilization in a wide array of backplane wiring and any applications requiring the circuit connection of one PCB (motherboard) to the 0.062" high-density daughterboards of today. Some of the applications for which Sullins' new devices are engineered are security systems, computer peripherals, and general industrial, commercial and consumer.

Boasting UL and C-UL Recognition, these right-angle connectors feature selective gold plating, and are provided with hairpin bellow contacts. Moreover, the series offers a signal contact current rating of 1 Amp, and a daughtercard engagement force of 1.5N (150 grams) nominal per contact. Devices are provided in contact configurations ranging from 2/4 to 50/100 (in single increments), and may be ordered with either PPS or PCT insulators. A broad range of mounting styles, optional keying, and customization is further available.

Average pricing for Sullins' new high-density card edge connector series ranges from $1.00 to $2.22 per contact pair in fill production quantities. Delivery is from 2 to 3 weeks.

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