Carbon Monoxide Detector offers 12 or 24 Vdc operation.

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Designed for professional, residential, and commercial alarm systems, Firewolf(TM) Carbon Monoxide Detector sounds 85 dB alarm while drawing 60 µA current standby or 25 mA in alarm. Meeting UL2034 CO response requirements, warning device is UL listed to UL2075, and offers Form C alarm and trouble relays. Combining microprocessor along with solid-state infrared sensor technology, unit simulates CO gas level response in human blood stream.

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Now Available ! Napco's Firewolf(TM) 12/24 Vdc Carbon Monoxide Detector

May 21, 2007

Amityville, NY - NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., is pleased to introduce the advanced Firewolf(TM) 12/24VDC Carbon Monoxide Detector, designed for professional residential and commercial alarm systems. Created with life safety and accuracy in mind, Napco model FW-CO1224, Firewolf(TM) 12/24VDC is the ideal and well-priced warning device, sounding a powerful 85db alarm while drawing low current of 60 ua microamps, standby or 25mA in alarm.

UL listed to UL2075, the Firewolf Carbon Monoxide Alarm Device is tested to meet UL2034 CO response requirements. Smart microprocessor along with precise solid-state infrared sensor technology optimize Firewolf(TM) 12/24VDC's detection accuracy. Napco's patented technology simulates CO gas level response in the human blood stream and independent lab tests prove it provides superior false alarm immunity over electrochemical units (see Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory #40566 report.)

Furthermore for both dependability and lowest installation maintenance, the Napco Firewolf CO Detectors offer a superior 6 year life and a 6 year warranty, as well. For flexibility, the unit offers 12 or 24 VDC operation and Form C alarm and trouble relays.

Available at the independent distributor near you, to learn more about this product and others like it, please visit If you have any questions about our extensive line of security products or want to register for CEU accredited field training, feel free to contact a Napco sales manager or customer service representative at 1-800-645-9445 or e-mail us at

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