Carboline Releases a New 600 Series

This technology utilizes phenalkamine-cured epoxy resins. The primary advantages are exceptional low temperature cure response, excellent wetting properties, fast recoatability, and moisture tolerance during application and cure. While this technology has been used in Europe for a number of years, more recent advances have made it even more attractive in that we can now achieve higher solids and improved performance.

Carbomastic 615HS... The Carbomastic trademark implies surface tolerance and high solids, and maybe a close resemblance to Carbomastic 15' Yes, Carbomastic 615 HS is 80% SBV, exhibits excellent wetting properties, has low temperature cure response, and is also tolerant of moisture during application and cure. While this product does not contain aluminum (like the other Carbomastics) it does contain micaceous iron oxide (MiO). MiO is a very inert flake-type filler that imparts film strength, outstanding barrier properties, and added chemical resistance to the film. It does impart a gray-fleck color to the film, so colors will be initially limited to tan and gray. Carbomastic 615 HS is recommended at 5-10 mils/coat and can be used in immersion service in fresh or salt water exposures.

Carboguard 635... This product is a 65% SBV epoxy that has excellent wetting properties with extremely quick recoat times. It can be used as a shop primer, maintenance primer, intermediate coat, or even as a self-priming finish if the colors offered are acceptable. Normally it would be topcoated. This product compares favorably with other epoxy-phenalkamines on the market. See comparison chart with other competitors found in this release. The initial offering will be in a five unmatched colors (beige, black, gray, white, and red).

Carboguard 671... Is a moisture tolerant, high performance epoxy for use as holding or bonding primer/sealer over steel or concrete. It has has tenacious bond to damp concrete and is used to prime/seal substrates prior to the application of an elastomeric polyurethane/polyurea lining system. It can also be used as a holding primer for steel substrates. It has excellent resistance to water and wastewater exposures and is ideal for projects involving these exposures.

Carboguard 691... This product has recently passed the rigorous testing and review process for drinking water applications under the ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water components ... in a single coat! What makes this product unique? How about a product that is 80% solids by volume, cures down to 20°F, can be applied up to 20 mils in a single coat, and is approved for use up to 30 mils total? If that isn't enough, for non-immersion applications, it can be applied over minimally prepared steel and is one of the best products in the line that tolerates moisture on the surface. The unique formulation displaces residual water and establishes a tenacious bond with the substrate. This product has a lot of handles to it!

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