Capsugel Formulators Create One-of-a-Kind Licaps® Products with Competitive Edge

Americas Region Formulation Center taps on "heritage of success" of laboratory in Colmar, France

Although the actual physical laboratory of the Americas Region Formulation Center in Greenwood, SC, is new, its formulators draw upon a history of Licaps® formulation projects from Capsugel's formulation center in Colmar, France, to serve the dietary supplement markets in North and South America.

Operating since June 2002, the Colmar laboratory develops both pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products. "There is a heritage of success for outstanding formulations," said J. Croft Hollingsworth, manager of liquids product development at the Americas Region Formulation Center. "We will build on this tradition to continue to invent formulas and products that will stand out in the dietary supplement marketplace."

Following are some of Colmar's specially formulated Licaps® products with exceptional performance advantages or meriting patent status

Red Wine Extract
The powerful polyphenol found in red wine and the red skins of grapes, red wine extract is an antioxidant associated with healthy lifestyles. As a dietary supplement, red wine extract can have bioavailability problems because the compound dissolves only in certain solvents, including alcohol. It also is highly susceptible to oxygen degradation. Formulated into a Licaps®, however, it is protected from oxidation, can maintain potency, and offers the benefits of a liquid form. In a 2002 study conducted by the brand holder, among 14 red wine extract dietary supplements of equal concentrations, the Licaps® form showed a six-times greater biological activity than the next-best red wine extract supplement, with a number of other red wine supplements having barely measurable biological activity.1 Furthermore, the Licaps® technology has exhibited shelf-life stability.

A critical nutrient involved in the production of energy within cells, CoQ10 has been a popular dietary supplement among many health-wise consumer groups. In a 2004 study conducted by Pharmaceutical Standards, a respected clinical research laboratory, the patented CoQ10 Licaps® (28.1 mg/unit) delivered 30% higher bioavailability than other popular forms of equivalent dosage (softgel, powder-filled hard-shell capsules, and effervescent tablet). 2

SAMe is an antioxidant that helps raise the brain's serotonin levels. A patent-pending formulation, Licaps® SAMe is the first liquid-stable product in a non-animal capsule on the market and the only one of its kind. Based on a Capsugel study, it has demonstrated at least one-year of stability.2

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that impacts the muscular system. A patent-pending formulation, Licaps® L-Carnitine is the only liquid-pure and -stable L-Carnitine on the global market. A 100% pure L-Carnitine base (without salts Fumarate and Tartrate that shield from moisture and preserve potency) is unstable, but a Capsugel study has shown the Licaps® formula maintains at least one year of stability.2 The Licaps® form also does not use D-Carnitine, which is not recognized by the body.

1 Independent laboratory study conducted at Biomol International, Plymouth Meeting, PA in June 2004.

2 Capsugel data on file.

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