Capillary Gas Chromatograph offers trace level analysis.

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Utilizing FID, FPD, ECD, FTD and TCD detectors, GC-2010 Plus ensures data quality for range of applications. Unit features Advanced Flow Technology, which consists of digital pressure controllers, software, and backflush kit or detector splitting system. FPD detector features double focusing optics, while FID ensures sensitivity with minimum detected quantity of 1.5 pgC/s. Featuring optimized airflow channels, double-jet cooling system enables cooling time from 450°C to 50°C in 3.4 min.

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Shimadzu's New GC-2010 Plus Capillary Gas Chromatograph Drives Precision, High-Speed Trace Level Analysis

With Advanced Flow Technology, a redesigned suite of detectors featuring market-leading sensitivity, and fast heating and cooling, the new GC-2010 Plus from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments improves separation performance, reduces analysis time, redefines sensitivity limits for trace analysis and ensures data quality for a wide range of applications.

The GC-2010 Plus features Shimadzu's Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). AFT consists of digital pressure controllers, additional hardware and new, intuitive software, all of which provide solutions for improving productivity and enhancing performance. The two new AFT packages are the backflush kit and detector splitting system.

The backflush system discharges high-boiling point components efficiently through the injection port split vent to reduce analysis time, and prevent column deterioration and detector contamination. The detector splitting system splits compounds eluting from an analytical column to multiple detectors to obtain multiple chromatograms. This saves laboratories time and money by providing additional information in a single analysis.

The GC-2010 Plus utilizes a family of new, best-in-class detectors. Each detector (FID, FPD, ECD, FTD and TCD) has been engineered using the latest technology, from upgraded cell insulation to an improved collector design, to address increasing sensitivity demands for trace-level analysis.

The compact FPD (flame photometric detector) features improved flame stability and double focusing optics to achieve the world's highest sensitivity for analysis of phosphorus and sulfur compounds. Utilizing clean detector gas flows and the latest noise reduction technology, the FID (flame ionization detector) ensures world-class sensitivity with a minimum detected quantity of 1.5 pgC/s.

The GC-2010 Plus incorporates a redesigned oven enabling rapid heating and cooling. A double-jet cooling system touts optimized air flow channels that enable a rapid cooling time from 450°C to 50°C in 3.4 minutes. Long-term stability of peak retention times is realized by the new room temperature compensation technology built into each Advanced Flow Controller.

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