Capillary Column is designed for GC/MS.

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Model VF-WAXms ultra-low bleed wax column for mass spectrometry instruments provides high performance GC with all analytical detectors, including MS detectors. Unit features inert stationary phase to minimize column breakdown, as well as bleed. Columns suit applications in food, flavor and fragrance industries where trace analysis is required for detection of components that are present in extremely small quantities.

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New Capillary Column From Varian Improves Sensitivity for the Analysis of Polar Compounds by GC and GC/MS

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 20 -- Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) announced today the release of the first ultra-low bleed wax column designed for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). VF-WAXms is manufactured for applications in the food, flavor and fragrance industries, especially where trace analysis is required for the detection of components that are present in extremely small quantities.

VF-WAXms is the first wax column designed to provide high performance GC with all analytical detectors, including MS detectors. VF-WAXms accomplishes this by virtue of its highly inert stationary phase that minimizes column breakdown, or bleed. Bleeding contaminates detectors, reducing productivity, increasing downtime and costs, and increasing background noise in the chromatography system. The background noise can also mask the presence of very low levels of compounds. Therefore the ultra -low bleed characteristics are particularly important as statutory methods increasingly demand lower detection limits. VF-WAXms has the lowest bleed of any wax column available, offering a marked advantage over conventional wax columns in the determination of trace constituents.

This new column expands Varian's well-established offering for GC capillary columns. It is part of the FactorFour(TM) capillary column product line, sharing the same benefits of ultra-low bleed, high inertness and outstanding column to column reproducibility. The high performance and sensitivity of the VF-WAXms also ensures optimal performance with mass spectrometry, therefore extending the company's offering in GC/MS.

"With the FactorFour range, Varian is clearly a leader in high performance GC columns," says Stephen Schultheis, Vice President and General Manager Consumable Products, Varian, Inc. "VF-WAXms expands the range into new applications, continuing Varian's reputation for innovation."

The FactorFour Range

FactorFour (VF) is a comprehensive line of high performance capillary gas chromatography columns. Varian's advanced proprietary manufacturing methods produce highly inert, ultra-low bleed GC columns offering low background, high signal to noise ratios and minimal peak tailing. These advantages combine to give superior performance for routine and trace analysis, with a four fold reduction in column bleed.

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