Capacitec High Temperature Non-Contact Displacement Sensors Offer Performance to +1000 °C in Manufacturing and Testing Applications

October 15, 2009, Ayer, MA, USA -Capacitec, Inc. (Capacitec) (, a global leader in the design and manufacture of non-contact capacitive displacement, gap and parallelism sensing technologies for scientific and industrial customers, has announced the successful application of high-temperature non-contact displacement sensors within disc brake wear analysis, glass manufacturing and aircraft engine testing applications. Since the 1970's, Capacitec high temperature non-contact sensing technology has been in use in North America, Europe and Japan to solve the most demanding applications, measuring displacement of up to 0.4" (10 mm), within extreme temperature environments where resolution of one micron or better is a requirement, such as:

o In-vehicle disc brake wear analysis. Capacitec Model HPC-150C-H sensor assembly offers small size (OD 9.5 mm), large range (2.5 mm) and 0.25 micron resolution. Operating at +400 °C, they are used to test runout, thickness variation, coning, wobble and thermal expansion of disc brake rotors.

o Automotive windshield glass production. Manufacturing equipment incorporates Model HPC-500-V sensors with flexible high temperature cables. These measure gaps in the tooling at production temperatures of +800 °C, to ensure precise glass size and shape specifications.

o Commercial plate glass production and fabrication. Capacitec custom gap sensors with 4 meters of +800 °C high temperature cables are used to control thickness of anti-reflective and solar coatings.

o Aircraft engine testing. Operating in temperatures of up to +1,000°C, Capacitec Model HPC-75-V/S non-contact displacement sensors measure thermal expansion, axial expansion and radial runout to confirm that dimensional design parameters meet specification at extreme operating temperatures.

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About Capacitec, Inc.:

Headquartered in Ayer, Massachusetts, with additional operations in Creteil, France, Capacitec is a global technology company dedicated to advancing the capacitive principle of measurement physics to its highest level in sensor system design. The company's core competencies are the design and manufacture of non-contact capacitive displacement, gap and parallelism sensing systems, which include hardware, data acquisition systems and software. Capacitec specializes in large range, small diameter sensors that operate in severe environments, from cryogenic to +1000°C, under radiation to 1011 RADS and in magnetic fields to 5 Tesla. More than 25 years of successful product line history has demonstrated Capacitec's expertise across all markets, particularly within applications where a more sophisticated ruler is required, and where traditional sensors cannot fit or survive a typical environment.



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