Cancord Inc. Manufactures Lifelines and Rescue Rope to Meet Specific Demands of Industrial Safety and Rescue Applications

Cancord is a quality driven, technically focused manufacturer and supplier of ropes designed for fire search and rescue, industrial fall protection, and military life safety applications.

Many of our life safety ropes can be custom fitted with swaged eye terminations, snap hooks or carabiners to ensure they meet the specific requirements of each job site or rescue situation. Our ropes are CSA and NFPA listed where applicable, and meet the technical requirements of ULC S555.

We manufacture a full range of high performance life safety lines and ropes for use in fall protection, including nylon and polyester kernmantle ropes and Polysteel(TM) safety lines. Our line of technical ropes has been designed to maximize strength and performance through the use of innovative, high strength fibers braided into proven constructions. Our technical ropes undergo rigorous testing and ongoing product evaluation to ensure you always receive the highest quality product available.
Cancord sits on different technical and standard setting committees for fall protection and rescue ropes, which ensures we are on the cutting edge in terms of development and quality requirements. We have also incorporated extensive feedback from the field into all of our rope designs.

As a quality based rope manufacturer, we have installed well-designed test facilities to ensure our life safety products are of the utmost quality. In addition to extensive laboratory testing, all of our lifelines are hand inspected prior to shipment.

Our lifelines and rescue rope product line includes:

  • HERCULES(TM) Nylon and Polyester Kernmantle Ropes

    - diameters range from 10 mm - 16 mm

    - NFPA 1983 & CSA Z259.2.1 Certified

    - can be supplied with swaged terminations and hardware attached

  • HERCULES® Water Rescue Rope

    - diameters range from 8 mm - 13 mm

    - High visibility

    - Floats on or just below the surface of the water

    - Flexible for easy knot tying

  • HERCULES(TM) Personal Escape Rope

    - 8.3 mm diameter

    - NFPA 1983 (Personal Escape Rope) Certified

    - Light weight

    - Heat resistant (skin to 500°C, core to 245°C)

    - Durable

    - High strength

    - Good handling and knot tying characteristics

    - Technora® skin over polyester core

  • HERCULES(TM) Suspension Lines

    - 13 mm diameter

    - CSA Z259.2.1 Certified

    - Good UV resistance

    - Marked and dated as required

  • Polysteel(TM) Safety Lines

    - 16 mm diameter

    - CSA Z259.2.1 Certified

    - Good UV resistance

    - High strength

    - Light weight

    - Easy handling

    At Cancord we also manufacture custom products to meet your specific requirements. Our life safety rope line is complimented with a complete range of prusik cord (nylon and polyester), and a comprehensive selection of rescue rope bags, edge protectors, water throw bags and hooks.

    We encourage you to contact us with your specific needs:

    2316 Delaware Avenue #606

    Buffalo, NY, 14216

    Phone: 1-800-879-0079

    Fax: 905-527-7790


    Visit our website at for the complete product catalog.

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