Canadian Time Systems Offering Contemporary Time Clocks

Port Coquitlam, BC: Along with time & attendance systems and key control systems, the Canadian Time Systems Inc have been serving the corporate world with biometric time clocks to track the employment hours of hundreds of employees in different organizations in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Historically, a specialized machine was used to stamp or print the time day records of employee's arrival as well as departure. Although, such machines exists but with more high-tech features and capabilities, they have become more sophisticated with the easy to use interface so that comprehensive reports of employee's working hours can be prepared at ease.

Canadian Time Systems Inc is among the big names in the time management industry. The company has been offering contemporary time clocks to support the following:

Prevention of fraud

A number of employees work in all organization and it is not that easy to monitor and keep record of working hours as well as whereabouts of each and every employee. The time clocks are programmed to enter or print the actual time of arrival as well as departure onto a record sheet so that fraud can be prevented.

The products are biometric which means the employees are required to scan their fingerprints and this helps in preventing the attempt of doing sign in or out of official work on behalf of other employees.
Easy add of information

The products are designed with capable features to support keeping different kinds of information safe and secured. With the products, it is easy to maintain the records of types of employee leave like sick time or vacations to time reports, making it simple for the payroll department to easily calculate the pay on the basis of total attendance.

Go through the website of Canadian Time Systems Inc and grab more information on other essential products like time & attendance systems, security guard tour systems and much more in Port Coquitlam, BC.

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