Canadian 3PL Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution Goes Live with Datex FootPrint® WMS Software

Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution Limited (WWD) streamlined its business operations by upgrading its warehouse management software to Datex FootPrint®. By providing customers with technological advantages which save time and money when managing inventory and operations, WWD anticipates attracting new business. "Third party logistics providers are finding it advantageous to be tech savvy "explained Michael Armanious, President of Datex. "Their clients now insist on streamlined, efficient operations with clear visibility to inventory and reporting. These days, warehouse and distribution clients are focused on getting their inventory to market in the most cost effective way possible. Datex FootPrint® 3PL WMS software makes it easy to see their inventory, customize reports and simplify operations. Warehouse clients love the simplicity and savings and are looking for providers who offer this revolutionary technology."

Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution Limited provides 3PL and distribution services throughout Canada and the United States from their warehouse operation in Windsor, Ontario. The combined 95,000 square feet of heated warehouse space with food grade warehousing, robust transportation infrastructure and partner arrangements with trucking and courier services provide clients with excellent quality low cost warehousing and distributions services. In selecting its WMS solution, WWD wanted real time visibility as well as seamless information and data flow across their business units. In order to increase customer satisfaction and retention, WWD needed accurate information and automated processes in order to reduce human error. WWD is now able to capture accessorial charges for value-added work performed for owners and track the total time spent on work for a particular client, order or account. This new increased visibility can result in potential increased revenue and operational efficiency.

"Footprint Software has created an environment of complete inventory accountability from the time of arrival to the time of departure. We have advanced our position in the 3PL market place by being extremely responsive to our customers' needs. Our ability to heighten visibility of our customer's products by barcode and web portal interfacing allows our customer base the luxury of a real time perpetual inventory" explained John LaMantia, Executive Director of Administration for Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution Limited.

Datex developed a Microsoft .NET based state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) geared towards streamlining warehouse operations while enhancing the user experience. The system provides an e-Portal developed utilizing Microsoft Silverlight, which provides an enriched user interface with the ability to view inventory and billing as well as to create custom reports that can be exported to any required format.

Datex FootPrint® provides the ability to capture billing events and to automatically create the invoices on a set schedule. The latest version of Datex FootPrint, 3.2, recently debuted to rave reviews. The newest upgrade provides non-technical users with the ability to create customized reports without consulting developers or IT staff. A robust procurement module that can interface with sophisticated inventory management systems has also been added and provides increased functionality for 3PLs.

About Datex

Consistently recognized for excellence in software solutions for the supply chain industry including the Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Providers and Food Logistics FL100 , Datex utilizes the highly flexible Microsoft .NET platform to create a variety of supply chain software solutions to meet the changing needs of warehousing and logistics operations. With successful experience in third party logistics, cold storage, pharmaceutical, perishables and the courier industry, Datex brings the value of state-of-the-art technology and real world industry knowledge to help maximize business efficiency and increase potential revenue. In addition to its core business, Datex offers business process analysis as well as an extensive array of hardware solutions for the supply chain and logistics industry. For more information or to contact, please visit

About Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution

Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution Limited has a combined 95,000 square feet of clean, heated warehousing space with food grade warehousing within two facilities in Windsor, Ontario Canada. The warehousing facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and are partially climate controlled. Online inventory, pick & pack technology, inspection and sorting, sequencing, packaging, labeling, dunnage control, light assembly and J.I.T. line ready component kitting are some of the features Wolverine Warehousing & Distribution offers.

WWD offers dependable, low cost services throughout Canada and the United States using a well-developed transportation infrastructure and partner arrangements with trucking and courier services. State-of-the-art technology, including bar coding and Datex FootPrint WMS control, monitor and report on all processes, making our operation as efficient, productive and transparent as possible. For more information or to contact, please visit

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