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CAD/CAM/CAE Kernel supports Mac OSX.

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CAD/CAM/CAE Kernel supports Mac OSX.

Apr 23, 2014 - Supporting Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows, C3D Geometric Kernel is used by developers to create CAD, CAM, and CAE systems and add-on applications. Kernel consists of 3 closely related components: C3D Modeler with functions for 3D solid and hybrid modeling, sketching, and 2D drawing; C3D Solver with functions for creating and solving parametric constraints on 2D and 3D geometry; and C3D Converter, which reads and writes geometric models in all primary exchange formats.

Original Press Release

C3D Labs Adds Mac OSX Support to C3D Geometric Kernel

Press release date: Apr 09, 2014

C3D Labs, part of the ASCON Group, is pleased to announce that the Mac OSX version of its C3D geometric kernel is now available to developers. The kernel is used by third-party developers to create their own CAD, CAM, and CAE systems and add-on applications. It now supports three operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

C3D for Mac OS compiled in XCode 5.1 development environment using Clang 3.4 compiler

C3D Labs is always listening to its customers, which is why a wide variety of development environments can be used to deploy design software. For instance, the C3D kernel was earlier ported to the Android operating system. It was used the basis of the KOMPAS:24 mobile solution, released by ASCON in December 2013. KOMPAS:24 is used to view 3D models on Android tablets and smartphones.

About C3D
The C3D geometric kernel is a key component for creating CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), and CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems and related applications, as well as process simulation systems.

From 1995 to 2012, ASCON used this kernel exclusively as a component of its KOMPAS-3D CAD software. Two years ago, ASCON decided to make the C3D kernel available for licensing to third parties. C3D Labs is responsible for the development and promotion of the kernel, and is a separate business unit of ASCON.

Currently, the C3D kernel is used in the development of CAD systems from Russian companies and research teams, including NTP Truboprovod, Bazis-Center, Leningrad Branch of the Central Research Institute of Technology, GeoS Center, and Mordovia State University.

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