Cable Lift Loop System optimizes capacity through design.

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With capacity rated at 2,000# SWL, MB Cable Life Loop + Plus System enables heavy units to be lifted without having to switch to larger cable. Capacities meet required 4:1 in 2,500 psi concrete, allowing system to be used for purposes such as utility products, beams, and columns. Cable lift loop has embedment depth that is ~2/3 of overall length, which leaves 1/3 of lift loop exposed and available for attachment to lifting hook or shackle.

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Meadow Burke Announces Release of MB Cable Life Loop + Plus System

TAMPA, Fla. -- Leading provider and innovator of concrete accessories, Meadow Burke, announced the release of the MB Cable Life Loop + Plus System today, the only high capacity cable lift loop system available.

Skip Francies, National Precast Manager for Meadow Burke says "The higher capacity of the Plus System Loops means heavy units can be lifted without having to switch to a larger cable. This new product is strong and economical, and it can be utilized for a variety of purposes including but by no means limited to utility products, beams and columns."

Meadow Burke offers a wide selection of Plus system loops insuring the most economical lifting cable for any load requirement. Each lift loop in the Plus system was fully and independently tested and approved to the listed loads. Meadow Burke also conducted these tests domestically to guarantee that the capacities meet the required 4:1 in 2500 PSI (pounds per square inch) concrete. Heavy units can be lifted without changing to a larger cable because the Plus System Loops have a higher rated capacity. For example, the capacity of the Plus System Loop is rated at 2000# SWL, while the lesser systems are rated at 1300#.

"All capacities are based on the cable lift loop having an embedment depth which is approximately 2/3 of the overall length. This leaves 1/3 of the lift loop exposed and available for attachment to a lifting hook or shackle. It is a versatile and more innovative product versus the traditional systems," added Francies.

To insure the cable is embedded to the correct depth, the top of each Plus System Loop is coated in yellow to the 1/3 height mark. The loop is then placed into the concrete so only the top yellow-coated portion is exposed. The yellow cable along with the special colored tag serve as indications that the customer is using the one of a kind high strength MB Cable Lift Loop + Plus System.

Tampa-based Meadow Burke has a 70-year legacy as a leader in the manufacturing and distributing of concrete lifting systems and accessories. They are known for their quality, reliability and dependability, with product innovation in the forefront.

For additional information on this product, or other Meadow Burke products, call 877-518-7665 or visit their website at

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