Cable Gland features 360° brush contact design.

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Offering alternative to EMI spring contact cable gland designs, SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH features thousands of brush strands in circular arrangement, which provide variable clamping range, facilitating assembly and installation. Once installed, cable is automatically centered, fixed, strain relieved, and sealed up to IP68 protection class. Available in metric sizes from M25X1.5 to M110x2.0, SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH accommodates cable sizes from .354-3.858 in.

Original Press Release:

SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH - Grounding Taken to New Heights!

Lapp Group's latest grounding innovation, the SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH, pushes EMC protection to the next level. The truly innovative, 360° brush contact design offers an optimal low resistance screen contact in a gland unlike any other on the market. With full grounding coverage, the potential for EMI interruptions and equipment failure are eliminated.

The SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH offers a quick and reliable alternative to the traditional EMI 'spring' contact cable gland design. The new design features thousands of brush strands in a circular arrangement which provide a wider and more variable clamping range, making assembly and installation faster and simpler. The high level of assembly flexibility allows for easy adjustment and rotation of the cable during installation.

Installing the SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH cable gland could not be easier and can be completed in a single operation. Simply insert the cable into the gland, slide the screening braid under the brush, turn to close and the cable is automatically centered, fixed, strain relieved and sealed up to protection class IP68.

The SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH is the ideal gland for all copper screened cables with large cross sections. With Metric sizes ranging from M25X1.5 to M110x2.0, the SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH accommodates a broad range of cable sizes spanning .354 - 3.858 inches (9-98mm). Additionally, the larger M75X1.5, M90X1.5 and M110X2.0 SKINTOP® sizes feature Lapp's patented dual lamella clamping cage which provides added stability and reliability in handling heavy cables.

For an optimal low resistance screen contact with maximum adjustment and assembly flexibility, trust the SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH.

For more information, visit or contact Lapp USA, 29 Hanover Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932; call toll free 800-774-3539.

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