Cable Drag Chains offer accelerated assembly/disassembly.

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During installation, individual side links of Murrplastik (MP) 52.2 PowerLine and MP 82.2 HeavyLine chains are assembled angled to each other. After one short turn, distinct click signals that pieces have engaged properly. To disengage, side links are turned back to each other and levered apart with screwdriver. Chains feature heavy-duty connection between frame bridge and side wall, and frame bridge can be removed by unscrewing locks, without any risk of injury, using screwdriver.

Original Press Release:

Cable Drag Chains Designed for Quick On-Site Assembly and Disassembly

Designed for quick assembly and disassembly, MP 52.2 PowerLine and MP82.2 HeavyLine chains from Murrplastik showed a time saving of up to 59% per production step when compared to similar chains from another manufacturer during an on-site assembly test. During installation, the individual side links of the Murrplastik chains are assembled at an angle to each other. After a short turn, a distinct "click" signals that the pieces have engaged together properly. To disengage, the side links are turned back to each other and levered apart with a screwdriver. With other chains used during the test, the side links have to be at an angle to each other, both during assembly and disassembly. During disassembly the tangential deviation of the side links is at best difficult to achieve if individual links are to be removed from a finished chain with parallel side runs. The Murrplastik chains also provide a heavy duty connection between the frame bridge and the side wall that is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. Both ends of the frame bridges are introduced evenly into the slots in the side links. The bridges are secured by pressing in the bright red frame bridge locks. If the frame bridges need to be removed, the locks can be unscrewed quickly with no risk of injury, using a screwdriver. Without this type of lock, dismantling is far more cumbersome and time consuming.

Murrplastik drag chains save assembly time in plant construction situations. Under these conditions, chains can only be fully assembled on site because the exact dimensions can not be planned in advance. In addition, the design features of the chains allow quick and easy disassembly when a cable configuration needs to be changed to supply such things as electricity, hydraulic oil, air, water or gas. Changes of this kind have to be made quickly to cut down on machine downtime. The design features of Murrplastik drag chains provide time savings that translate into reduced labor costs for assembly and disassembly.

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