Bytewise Announces Accuracy Improvements for Profile360

Columbus Georgia, USA - Bytewise Measurement Systems, a global leader in on-line profile measurement systems, is pleased to announce a 30% improvement in the measurement accuracy for the Profile360(TM) On-Line Profile Measurement System. The improvement is the result of a more resolute detector combined with an improved calibration process.

A production run of 10 Profile360-75mm systems was tested to demonstrate a total Error-of-Measure (EOM) less than 50 µm, or 0.07% of the full-scale measurement range. The EOM test was performed with a certified rectangular gauge block at several locations across the field of view. Standard deviations were less than 5 µm. EOM is a parameter that takes into account bias and standard deviation, so it expresses the worst-case measurement performance with a three sigma (99.7%) certainty.

Profile360 is an in-line, real-time measurement system for monitoring key dimensions in continuous complex profiles such as rubber, plastic, and wood-plastic composite extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, and profiled wire.

Bytewise Measurement Systems

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