Business Intelligence Software targets mainframe market.

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Decision Analyzer® v4.5.0 reporting tool provides administrative functions, library-sharing scheme, ability to specify group libraries, and PC export formats such as PDF, RTF, and HTML. SVC Output Interface is available to JES2 or JES 3 spooling environments, and Batch Extraction Engine product handles Euro and US dollar signs on printed reports. DecisionCentric® query and reporting tool for SMBs serves as enterprise information integration engine.

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Business Intelligence Software Developer, Decision Technology, Expands Commitment to its Mainframe Customers

Princeton, NJ - July 11, 2005 Decision Technology, Inc. ( -business intelligence software developer - has made available a new version of its mainframe reporting tool, Decision Analyzer®. On August 1 2005 the company will also add mainframe data support to its newest business intelligence product, DecisionCentric®.

Mark Berkowitz, president of Decision Technology, emphasized his personal commitment to Decision Analyzer's installed, mainframe customer base. "Decision Analyzer Release 4.5.0 contains significant enhancements to prior releases," he said. "I encourage current users to upgrade and enjoy the many benefits." Decision Analyzer customers will find improved Administrator functions, a newly defined, library-sharing scheme, ability to specify group libraries, and additional PC export formats like PDF, RTF, and HTML formats. The Decision Analyzer SVC Output Interface is now available to either JES2 or JES 3 spooling environments, and the Batch Extraction Engine product can now handle Euro and US dollar signs on printed reports.

Decision Technology's expanded commitment to the mainframe market also affects DecisionCentric. It marks the product's evolution from a powerful query and reporting tool, to a broadly applicable Enterprise Information Integration (EII) engine optimized for small and midsize organizations. EII provides the strategic advantage that mid-size organizations require for their business intelligence solution. Until now," said Mr. Berkowitz, "information-starved organizations were at the mercy of large BI vendors for a solution with the power DecisionCentric delivers. This enhancement provides midsize organizations with a clear choice - from a company with a solid reputation for superior products and small enough to care about the customer after the sale."

About Decision Technology, Inc.

Decision Technology business intelligence software is the ideal solution for organizations with limited Information Technology resources, and whose data are confined in disparate databases or operational systems. Since 1985, Decision Technology has provided organizations with intuitive, information retrieval software for decision support applications. Its newest business intelligence software product, DecisionCentric, provides Enterprise Information Integration with query and reporting tools optimized for small and medium size organizations. DecisionCentric enables users to integrate, publish and analyze enterprise data across disparate data sources - without expensive ETL technology.

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