Busek's Micro Thrusters Deployed on Orbit

Natick, Massachusetts-June 15, 2007-
Busek Co. Inc., the leading source of satellite
electric propulsion, announces the recent
in-orbit demonstration of its solid fueled
micro propulsion attitude control system
(MPACS). Four Busek MPACS were integrated
aboard the Air Force Academy's FalconSat-3
mission, which launched March 8th at 10:10
PM (EST) from Cape Canaveral AFS, FL, on
an Atlas V launch vehicle. The Busek MPACS
and integrated micro-pulsed plasma thrusters
(microPPTs) are the first US-designed and
built coaxial microPPTs in orbit, and serve
as a demonstration of advanced US electric
propulsion technology. The launch and
operation of the MPACS is Busek's second
in-orbit technology demonstration within the
past six months; Busek's BHT-200 Hall Effect
Thruster was launched in December 2006 and
continues to operate regularly.

MPACS are designed to provide precision
propulsive attitude control on small (< 100kg)
satellites, and are highly valuable on missions
which require precise satellite positioning
(e.g., high-resolution imaging). MPACS
are being examined for a potential role as
the primary propulsion for nano satellites
(25kg) and nano satellite constellations.
MPACS uses a solid inert propellant that
provides for precise impulse control. MPACS
was originally developed by the Air Force
Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate
(AFRL/PR) at Edwards AFB. AFRL funded the
flight development through a Small Business
Inovative Research (SBIR) contract. MPACS
was launched under direction of the DoD
Space Test Program.

The assembly and operational testing of
FalconSat-3 is performed by USAF Academy

About Busek:
Busek Co. Inc. is engaged in applied research, space
hardware development and specialty manufacturing
in three complimentary lines of business: space
propulsion applications, power electronics, and
material science. Busek was founded in 1985 by
Dr. Vlad Hruby who actively manages the company
as president and is chief scientist of the Space
Propulsion Group. Busek is a recognized leader in
the field of electric propulsion.

Press and Sales Contact:
Bruce Pote or Larry Byrne at (508) 655-5565 or by
email at info@busek.com.

Timothy Lawrence, USAFA.
Cadets as part of the USAF Academy's Space
Systems Research Center (USAFA SSRC). Directed
by Aerospace Professor Lt. Col. Tim Lawrence, the
Academy's Space System Research Center empowers
cadets to design, build, and fly satellites as part of
Department of Defense research efforts.


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