Burn Protection System works with electrosurgical generator.

Press Release Summary:

Along with electrosurgical generator technology, AEM EndoShield® 2 Burn Protection System uses AEM® monitoring in conjunction with AEM instruments to continuously monitor and dynamically manage stray energy – insulation failure and capacitive coupling – during monopolar laparoscopic electrosurgery. Plug-and-play, reposable design, which can be used for various surgical procedures without reprocessing, affords flexibility for performing laparoscopic procedures in any open operating room.

Original Press Release:

Encision Iterates AEM EndoShield® 2 Burn Protection System for Compatibility with New Generator Technology

BOULDER, Colo. -- Encision Inc. (ECIA), a medical device company owning patented surgical technology that prevents dangerous stray electrosurgical burns in minimally invasive surgery, today announced the enhancement of its recently released AEM EndoShield® 2 Burn Protection System ("EndoShield 2") to interface with a market leading electrosurgical generator.

"Encision is proud to share the rapid iteration of our new EndoShield 2 to better meet our customers' needs," said Greg Trudel, President and CEO of Encision. "As we neared completion on the development of EndoShield 2, a number of our customers contacted us and requested that EndoShield 2 be adapted to work on an upcoming release of a new electrosurgical generator from a market leading company. We immediately reached out to the company and were pleased with their ready collaboration and offer to lend us a generator to do compatibility testing upon. After completing extensive testing we found that the units were electrically compatible and implemented a change to EndoShield 2 to increase its ease of use with the new generator.  Our Development, Operations and Regulatory teams worked together to deliver an important product enhancement that ensures optimal patient safety in laparoscopic surgery and compatibility with the latest in electrosurgical generator technology. It is a nice example of medical device companies collaborating to provide hospitals and their patients with the very best in safety and technology."

"Our new EndoShield 2 can be used for a number of surgical procedures without reprocessing. It reduces the cost per use significantly for our customers and eliminates a significant barrier to the adoption of AEM® Technology. The plug and play design provides greater flexibility than ever for hospitals to perform laparoscopic procedures in any open operating room without the need to move expensive capital from room to room. EndoShield 2 is the cornerstone of our growth going forward. The low cost reposable design is exactly what our worldwide customers have been asking for and what will enable us to take AEM Technology one step closer to becoming the standard of care for patient safety in laparoscopy."

Encision Inc. designs and markets a portfolio of high performance surgical instrumentation that delivers advances in patient safety with AEM technology, surgical performance, and value to hospitals across a broad range of minimally invasive surgical procedures. Based in Boulder, CO, the company pioneered the development and deployment of Active Electrode Monitoring, AEM technology, to eliminate dangerous stray energy burns during minimally invasive procedures.

CONTACT: Mala Ray, Encision Inc., 303-444-2600, mray@encision.com

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