Bulk Wire Container features octagonal shape.

Press Release Summary:

Marathon Pac(TM) corrugated structures are 100% recyclable and easily collapsed by hand. They require only wire conduit attachment bracket and conduit connector. Enclosed packaging with moisture barrier protects wire from dust, spray and splash. Spoolarc MIG wire is spooled into carton, eliminating cast and helix as wire exits from welding gun. Containers are available in range of wire sizes and types, and in package weights from 600 to 1,500 lb.

Original Press Release:

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products Announces the Future of Bulk Wire Containers Today

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the second generation Marathon Pac(TM) bulk wire container. The new Marathon Pac has an octagonal shape and offers all of the same advantages of the original, plus several major improvements
over any other bulk wire system available today. Initially, Spoolarc MIG wires will be the only products offered in the new package.

The new Marathon Pac sets the standard in environmentally friendly packaging. The corrugated structure is 100% recyclable and is easily collapsed by hand, reducing space requirements of used pacs to a minimum. The new pac does away with expensive
dispensing devices as well as the plastic payoff hood used on round drums. It requires only an inexpensive wire conduit attachment bracket and conduit connector, and you're ready to
run. Enclosed packaging with a moisture barrier protects the wire from dust, spray and splash.

The wire in the new Marathon Pac is spooled into the carton using a technique that eliminates cast and helix as the wire exits from the welding gun. Straight wire is easier to feed, reducing feed motor wear, and allows precise placement of the wire in the weld joint. The pac allows you to spend more time welding since the number of package change outs is greatly reduced when compared to using spools or coils. The end result is more arc time, fewer weld defects, and less wear and tear on equipment.

New Marathon Pacs are available in a wide range of wire sizes and types, and in package weights from 600 to 1,500 lbs. Optional accessories include lifting straps, a lifting yoke, and a four-wheel dolly for maneuverability.

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