Bulk Shipping Container handles frozen/refrigerated items.

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Octagonal-shaped ThermoSafe® Durable Transport Container is pre-qualified to hold 2-8°C refrigerated temperatures for up to 4 days under extreme ambient temperatures. PolarPack® Foam Brick refrigerants are loaded into sleeves to replace mechanical refrigeration, while foam-in-place urethane insulates polyethylene seamless shell. Able to hold bulk drums of liquid from 35-100 l, reusable container is suited for specimens, biologicals, and hazardous materials.

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Extended Refrigeration and Higher-Performing Packaging

A new bulk shipping container maximizes product life and minimizes outer packaging
ThermoSafe Brands combines its packaging design and temperature assurance expertise to introduce the latest ThermoSafe® Durable Transport insulated bulk shipper. The new bulk shipper is pre-qualified to keep bulk loads of liquid bio-substances at refrigerated temperatures for up to 96 hours.

The durable bulk shipper from ThermoSafe is a unique, octagonal-shaped, pre-qualified shipping system designed to hold 2-8°C refrigerated temperatures for up to 4 days under extreme ambient temperatures. The reusable container can hold bulk drums of liquid from 35 to 100L capacities, or other capacities as needed.

PolarPack® Foam Brick refrigerants are loaded in to sleeves to streamline packing time and replace mechanical refrigeration. Foam-in-place urethane insulates the rugged polyethylene seamless shell that weighs 190 lbs. when empty. The durable container is easy to manueuver by rolling on an optional stainless steel dolly or utilizing the tapered leg design that permits fork lift entry on all sides.

The temperature experts at ThermoSafe Brands play an integral role in fulfilling the global demands pharmaceutical companies require of their packaging. Durable transport containers maintain desired temperature levels by tightly sealing refrigerated and frozen payloads that save time, reduce costs, and ensure the safe arrival of goods. These containers are ideal for shipping and safe-keeping specimens, biologicals, hazardous materials, and a variety of other items that require frozen (-75°C to -20°C) to refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C or +1°C to +10°C) transport temperatures.

Our portfolio offers the largest selection of temperature assurance products available to protect the efficacy and integrity of the drugs you're transporting. ThermoSafe Brands serves as the largest, most complete, strategic source for your global temperature assurance packaging needs.

For more information about ThermoSafe® Durable Transport containers, please call us today at 1-800-323-7442 and request the latest ThermoSafe Brands catalog today or visit us at www.thermosafe.com.

ThermoSafe Brands, the leader in temperature assurance packaging solutions is a division of SCA Packaging North America.

SCA Packaging North America custom designs and manufactures protective, temperature assurance and consumer plastic packaging, material handling and components for a wide range of consumer and industrial product utilizing a variety of materials that include molded and die-cut expanded foam plastics, specialty and heavy-duty corrugated paperboard, wood and thermoformed plastics, used singularly, or in combination. SCA Packaging North America serves customers from over 40 manufacturing facilities regionally located throughout the United States and Mexico, and is part of SCA's global protective packaging network that includes plants in Europe and Asia. SCA Packaging North America's customers include manufacturers in the high technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive, appliances, and pharmaceutical

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For further information about ThermoSafe Brands, please contact Kevin Grogan, Director of Marketing and Business Development, ThermoSafe Brands/kevin.grogan@sca.com
Arlington Heights, IL, December 7, 2005

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