Bulk Material Analyzers monitor moving material in real time.

Press Release Summary:

SABIA X1 Series on-belt elemental analyzers provide accurate elemental analysis of moving stream of material. They mount onto existing conveyor structures without modifications and are network compatible, enabling users to view analysis results in real time from any web browser. Adaptable for coal, cement, and minerals applications, analyzers can be customized according to configuration and readout format for specific application.

Original Press Release:

SABIA, Inc. Introduces SABIA X1 Series of Integrated Bulk Material Analyzers

San Diego, CA - November 2, 2009 - SABIA, Inc. the global leader in advanced elemental analysis announced the launch of the SABIA X1 Series, a more compact line of customizable on-belt elemental analyzers and the most recent addition to the SABIA analyzer family. The SABIA X1 Series utilizes PGNA technology and provides the user with accurate, real time elemental analysis of a moving stream of material.
SABIA serves coal mines, coal preparation plants, coal-fired power plants, cement plants, and other minerals mines and processing operations.

The SABIA X1 analyzers help clients eliminate material uncertainty, streamline the decision making process, lower costs, improve quality, and reduce negative environmental impact.

As regulatory agencies implement emission standards there is an increasing demand for real time information. "SABIA analyzers give our customers the ability to monitor and manage their impact on the environment, because the analyzer provides the critical information on the elemental composition of their material and what they may potentially be injecting into the environment," said Alan Remen Chief Operating Officer of SABIA, Inc.

SABIA X1 Series Provides Unique Flexibility

- Customizable analyzer configuration and readout format depending on the specific application

- Easy installation - mounts onto existing conveyor structures without modifications

- Full network capability - authorized users can view analysis results in real time from any Web browser

- Optional high performance system available for demanding applications

- Design adaptable for coal, cement, and minerals applications

- Minimal lead time from order to installation

About SABIA, Inc.

SABIA, Inc. is a privately held firm specializing in materials analysis and process control. SABIA provides integrated bulk material analyzers, associated software options, service, and support for nuclear analyzers and gauges. SABIA serves the coal, coal-fired power, cement, and mining industries. SABIA is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA with office locations and representatives around the world.

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