Bulk Linen Truck features recessed safety tow hitch.

Press Release Summary:

Model 100P Bulk Linen Truck features tow hitch with recessed design that eliminates risk of injury due to contact with protruding hitch and prevents damage to walls, doors, and furnishings. Hitch, engineered with hole and pin design, enables bulk linen truck to be towed by variety of vehicles. Manufactured from powder-coated steel to withstand constant operation, it can be mounted on front and back of truck to permit moving several bulk trucks as a train.

Original Press Release:

New Recessed Tow Hitch Promotes Safe Operation of Bulk Linen Trucks

Safety Tow Hitch Eliminates Injury Risk From Protruding, Metal Two Hitches

New Tow Hitch Also Prevents Damage To Walls, Furnishings

Saddle Brook, NJ: The 100P bulk linen truck from material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Saddle Brook, New Jersey (www.MODLaundry.com), features a recessed safety tow hitch. Included as standard in the 100P and available on a wide range of its bulk trucks, the breakthrough tow hitch replaces traditional, protruding metal tow hitches with a safer, recessed design that eliminates the risk of injury due to contact with the protruding hitch. The recessed tow hitch also prevents the holes, streaks and other damage to facility walls, doors and furnishings often caused by collisions with the outmoded, protruding tow hitches.

Ideal for use in warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, resorts, health clubs and other facilities and institutions, the safety tow hitch is engineered with a hole and pin design that enables the bulk linen truck to be towed by a wide range of utility vehicles, golf carts, lift trucks and other vehicles. Included on both the front and back of the 100P, the safety tow hitch permits several bulk trucks to be moved as a train while also increasing their density in storage and transport for added efficiency.

The new safety tow hitch is manufactured from powder coated steel to withstand the rigors of constant operation. It is available in a choice of colors and may be specified in custom carts and trucks.

For more information, contact Mike Lavelle, 4920 State Road, Ashtabula, OH, 44005; 1-800-829-4535; FAX 440.992.4667; parshooter@usa.net or see MODLaundry.com/products/100P.shtml.

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