Bulk Bag Filler handles FIBCs up to 72 in. tall.

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Bulk Bag Filler features extended height and adjustable carriage frame with motorized screw lift, which moves up and down to accommodate various bag heights. Gain-in-weight system, utilizing guard-protected, base-mounted load cells and programmable batch controller, accurately weighs bags to accuracy of ±1 lb. Venturi style bag pre-inflator/de-aerator, along with pneumatic settling system, removes folds and wrinkles for consistently shaped FIBC bags.

Original Press Release:

Large Bag Filling Flexibility

August 28. 2003 Hapman's bulk bag filler is designed to handle all sizes of FIBC's up to 72" tall. An extended height "adjustable carriage frame", with a motorized screw lift,
easily moves up and down to accommodate various bag heights. In addition, a gain-in-weight system was included, to accurately weigh bags to an accuracy of ±1 pound. This weigh system utilizes guard protected base mounted load cells and a programmable batch controller. A remote rear bag disconnect at the front of the unit helps to keep the process moving without hang-ups. Properly filled, consistently shaped FIBC bags, can be assured with a venturi style bag pre-inflator / de-aerator, which removes folds and wrinkles, along with a pneumatic settling system below the bag. Besides the forklift load style shown, an optional roller transport conveyor load system is also available for continuous production line operations. Hapman's innovative ideas insure stable, easy to handle FIBC's every time. More answers to meet your special needs. That's ideas that move.


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