Built-Up Hoist comes fully equipped and assembled.

Press Release Summary:

Modular Model MPW includes option of 2-speed or infinitely variable speed operation, DC Brake or Double Shoe Brake, rope drum, and true vertical lift. Hoist uses 4-stage gearbox with offset between input and output shafts. Motor and brake are flange mounted to gearbox, eliminating additional connections between lifting unit and trolley frame. Load capacity is rated at 5-185 tons, lifting power is 25-224 hp, and rope-reeving arrangements are 4/2-8/2 and 12/2.

Original Press Release:

DeMag Introduces MPW Open Winch Product

November 2002, Solon, OH - Demag Cranes & Components Corporation introduces the Demag MPW Built-Up Hoist. Capacities for the Demag MPW (for bottom block operation) range from: load capacity 5-185 tons, lifting power 25-224 Hp, rope-reeving arrangements 4/2-8/2 and 12/2 with a Classification of CMAA or HMI.

The Demag MPW comes fully equipped, assembled and ready to connect. Its modular system provides for optimized cost, built in timesavings for installation and high performance with Demag Components. MPW features include; an option of either two-speed or infinitely variable speed operation, a DC Brake or Double Shoe Brake, the rope drum provides minimum end approach dimensions by reducing the drum length not required for the hook travel, true vertical lift. The hoist uses a 4-stage gearbox with offset between input and output shafts, and the hoist motor and brake are flange mounted to the gearbox - eliminating the need for additional connections between the lifting unit and trolley frame.

The Trolley is designed for minimum wheelbases and to reduce dead weight associated with traditional designs. The Demag Travel Wheel System, Demag Gearmotor and DRS Wheel Blocks drive the dual travel drive trolley. These motors and wheel combinations are specifically designed for heavy-duty travel applications, and feature smooth acceleration and deceleration. Quotations for the Demag MPW are made easy with Winch-Designer, the CD based quotation program, which provides complete dimensions, technical support and pricing. Demag Cranes & Components solves mounting options, air supply festoon kits and three standard control packages are available and in stock for immediate shipment.

Demag Cranes & Components solves material handling and ergonomic challenges through the utilization of innovative cranes and components; including chain and wire rope hoists, gearmotors, wheel block systems, cable balances, lift assists, enclosed track systems as well as friction wheel drives. For more information on Demag North American sales, service and distributor locations, contact Demag Cranes & Components at demaq-us.com or call us toll free at 1-800-321-6560.

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