Brushless DC Ring Motor suits direct drive applications.

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Achieving up to 80% efficiency, TG8260 supplies 2,075 oz-in. peak torque and 1,534 W continuous power from 2.03 in. length by 8.386 in. dia package that weighs only 45 oz. It provides quiet operation and conserves energy with gyroscopic effect that reduces vibration. In vehicle propulsion systems, unit may be mounted inside wheel hub for reducing space requirements and weight. Applications include blowers, rotary positioning, ducted fan, and vehicles.

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THINGAP® Announces: TG8260 Brushless Ring Motor for Direct Drive Applications

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 18, 2009 - ThinGap LLC, a leader in high power density DC motors, today announced the TG8260 Brushless DC Ring Motor for direct drive motor applications. The TG8260 delivers smooth and controllable high speed/high shaft power without a gearbox.

"The TG8260 ring motor's zero cogging capabilities are ideal for direct drive applications such as semiconductor equipment, robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)", said Shelly Ward, Director of Application Engineering, ThinGap LLC. "The TG8260 adds a second powerful ring motor to ThinGap's industry leading line of high efficiency coreless brush and brushless motors.

The TG8260 supplies 2,075 oz-in. peak torque and 1,534 watts continuous power from a 2.03" length by 8.386" diameter package that weighs only 45 oz. Very smooth and controllable acceleration and deceleration have been realized by eliminating hyteresis and cogging. System efficiency of up to 80% can be achieved with the TG8260.

The TG8260 provides a low profile platform that is quiet, cool running, and conserves energy with a gyroscopic effect that reduces vibration. Also ideal for such applications as blowers, rotary positioning, ducted fan and vehicles. In vehicle propulsion systems, the TG8260 may be mounted inside the wheel hub, which dramatically reduces space requirements and weight.

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About ThinGap

ThinGap LLC designs and manufactures an innovative line of standard and custom brushless and brush motors for applications that require high power, efficiency, low weight, and small package size. The technology helps OEM's innovate more powerful, efficient, responsive, controllable and precise products not possible with the use of conventional motors.

Since its first production motor was introduced in 2000, ThinGap has developed a complete line of brush and brushless motors for medical industry applications and such industrial applications as handheld power tools and fan/blower/compressor motors.
ThinGap has been granted seven patents and has thirteen patents pending. The technology allows high copper-packing density and higher copper-to-total stator-volume ratio than motors with conventional wire windings. By replacing the iron core/laminations and wire windings used by conventional motors with a precision thin copper sheet, the motors provide higher power-to-weight ratios, a wider range of speed and torque capabilities, improved heat dissipation and lower electrical resistance.

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