Brushless DC Motors offer multiple user-adjustable settings.

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Available in 30, 60, and 120 W versions, BLF series is offered with parallel or hollow shaft flat gearheads. Driver features detachable digital operator unit that serves as data input unit and digital display, usable up to 16.4 ft away. IP65-rated series delivers speed control over 80-4,000 rpm range, can be programmed for 8 separate speed levels, and offers 3 speed display modes. Detection of motor and driver errors will immediately stop motor and output alarm signal.

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New BLF Brushless DC Motor System

Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor USA Corp. introduces the new BLF series brushless DC motor system that adopts a brand new design for its motor, gearhead, and driver. High performance speed control is achieved with an increased speed range of 80 to 4,000 rpm (50:1). In addition, the new BLF series is IP65 rated providing splash and dust protection.

The BLF series driver introduces a detachable digital operator unit that serves both as a data input unit and a digital display that can be used up to 16.4 ft (5m) away from the installed driver. The user can program 8 separate speed levels. Each speed can be set in units of 1 rev. per minute with separate acceleration and deceleration values. Detection of various motor and driver error functions including overload, overvoltage, low-voltage, missing phase, overspeed, overcurrent, etc., will immediately stop the motor and output an alarm signal.

The BLF series driver utilizes 3 speed display modes to help the user. The display modes include motor speed display in rpm, conveyor speed display in meters per minute, and load factor display in percentage of actual load to rated load. A speed teaching function allows the user to set BLF series speeds by physically operating the motor. Four speed-setting methods available to the user are: digital operator, internal potentiometer, external potentiometer, and external variable DC voltage. The motor and driver can be separated by a distance of 65.6 ft (20m).

The BLF brushless dc motors are available in 30 watt (BLF230A), 60 watt (BL460A), and 120 watt (BLF5120) versions. Two Oriental Motor gearhead families, the parallel shaft gearheads and the hollow shaft flat gearheads, are available for use with the BLF motors depending on your requirements. For more information please visit our Web site at or call (800) 418-7903.

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