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Brushless DC Drives are suited for BDLC motors.

Press Release Summary:

Sep 15, 2009 - Chassis and NEMA 4/12 enclosed 720 Series BLDC drive, and BLM700 Series drive and display with 1/8 DIN panel mount design, accept 120 Vac input and generate up to 160 Vdc armature voltage. They include adjustable min and max armature voltage, current limit, and separately adjustable accel and decel functions. Other functions incorporated into units are inhibit, brake, and fwd/rev, while onboard diagnostics are enabled via local LED or remote signal.

Original Press Release

Dart Releases Two New Brushless DC Drives

Press release date: Sep 01, 2009

Brushless DC (BLDC) continues to be a focal point of product development for Dart. Two new BLDC products coming this fall are the fruit of this development effort. Both products are in response to customers telling us what they need.

Line Voltage BLDC - The 720 Series BLDC drive will accept 120VAC input, generating up to 160VDC armature voltage. The drive is full featured with adjustable MIN and MAX armature voltage, CURRENT LIMIT, and separately adjustable ACCEL and DECEL. Functions include INHIBIT, BRAKE, FWD/REV. On-board diagnostics are included via local LED and remote signal. The 720 Series will offer both chassis and NEMA 4/12 enclosed.

Integrated Drive and Display - The BLM700 Series BLDC drive will be offered in a 1/8 DIN panel mount design initially. This product will have the same installed cost advantages as Dart's MicroDrive Series digital closed-loop drives, except more feature rich and built exclusively for BLDC motors.

These products are ready for beta testing now, and will both be ready for production in late 2009 / early 2010. Contact the factory for more details and to request a sample.

Dart Controls, Inc. is a ISO9001 registered designer, manufacturer, and marketer of analog and digital electronic variable speed drives, controls, and accessories for AC, DC, and DC brushless motor applications.

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