Brushless DC Blowers offer universal drive system.

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Equipped with Universal Drive System, Windjammer® 5.7 in. Brushless DC Blowers operate over wide range of voltage inputs from 100-240 Vac. Variable speed units feature IntelliGen(TM) Controller Design utilizing factory-programmed digital signal processor. Offering virtually maintenance-free operation, blowers can develop output pressures up to 160 in. H2O and flows up to 270 cfm. Users can select low-voltage, high-voltage, thru-flow, or bypass types as required.

Original Press Release:

Windjammer® Variable-Speed Brushless DC Blowers Can Be Newly Equipped with Universal Drive System to Accommodate Different Voltage Standards Worldwide

KENT, OH - The family of compact Windjammer® 5.7 in. / 145mm variable-speed brushless DC blowers can now be equipped with a newly introduced Universal Drive System allowing the blowers to operate over a wide range of voltage inputs from 100VAC-240VAC. This feature especially benefits users where blowers will be specified for an application in multiple regions around the world. A single Windjammer blower can accommodate the different voltage standards without requiring variations.

These blowers promote long service life, virtually maintenance-free operation, and reliable and efficient performance for a wide array of air-moving applications.

Windjammer 5.7 in. / 145mm blowers feature an IntelliGen(TM) Controller Design utilizing a factory-programmed digital signal processor (DSP). Onboard options include custom cards; mechanical, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, or remote potentiometer speed controls; externally or internally driven tachometer output; and status output. Users can additionally select low-voltage, high-voltage, thru-flow, or bypass types as required.

Depending on model, the blowers can accept input voltages of 24, 48, or 72 VDC or 100, 120, or 240 VAC (with internal electronics converting line voltage AC input to DC). High-voltage blowers can develop output pressure up to 160 in. H2O and flows up to 270 CFM.

Custom blower products can be developed to satisfy specific application demands.

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