Broadband Analyzer offers GPON ONU conformance testing.

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With ONU conformance add-on module, GPON Xpert(TM) analyzer features OLT emulation capability and can generate PLOAM messages to activate ONT and configure OMCC GEM port. System can serve as OMCI Master to generate and transmit OMCI messages and can also generate and transmit Ethernet traffic encapsulated within GEM frames. With embedded multi-layer analysis capability, solution automatically compares ONU behavior and BBF.247 criteria using validation test mechanism.

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TraceSpan Releases GPON ONU Conformance Test Solution

Performs and Verifies Compliance With the BBF.247 ONU Conformance Tests

RA'ANANA, Israel, -- TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announces that it has released a GPON ONU conformance testing solution, which is based on the Broadband Forum's recently-announced BBF.247 ONU certification plan.

The ONU conformance solution was built by adding OLT emulation capability on top of the industry-accepted GPON Xpert(TM) analyzer. With this, it has evolved to a complete integrative conformance tool utilizing its passive analysis capabilities. As an OLT emulator, GPON Xpert(TM) can generate PLOAM messages to activate the ONT and configure the OMCC GEM port.

It can serve as an OMCI Master to generate and transmit OMCI messages and can also generate and transmit Ethernet traffic encapsulated within the GEM frames. GPON Xpert(TM) can simultaneously perform OLT emulation with capture and analysis of the data. Thanks to its embedded multi-layer analysis capability, it can automatically compare the ONU's behavior and its BBF.247 criteria using the Validation Test mechanism.

"As an active Broadband Forum member and a world-recognized leader in broadband access testing solutions, TraceSpan has decided to take a leading position in ONU conformance testing," said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "By adding the OLT emulation functionality with built-in BBF.247 test cases to our GPON Xpert(TM) analyzer, we've created the best and most comprehensive GPON testing tool in the market today for ONU conformance tests."

Since its launch in early 2008, GPON Xpert(TM) has received excellent market acceptance and became the standard de-facto GPON testing solution, after being selected by leading tier-1 telecom operators and manufacturers. In the last few months a number of significant new customers have been added to this list, following their evaluation and comparison of different solutions in the market.

The ONU conformance module has already been purchased by a number of leading telecom operators and GPON manufacturers and is available as an option in both the lab and portable versions of GPON Xpert(TM). It can also be provided at an attractive price as an add-on module to existing GPON Xpert(TM) customers.

About TraceSpan Communications

TraceSpan Communications develops and manufactures innovative broadband testing and monitoring solutions. Empowered by patent-pending breakthrough technology, TraceSpan's performance analysis and Lawful Interception products enable non-intrusive monitoring of data in broadband networks.

TraceSpan's multi-layer analyzers are accepted worldwide as the industry's first passive analyzers for vendor-independent testing of VDSL2, ADSL2Plus, ADSL2, ADSL, and GPON networks. Highly flexible and easy to use, TraceSpan products deliver significant cost savings, faster time to market, and rapid return on investment to Telco's and service providers, system vendors, chipset developers, and technology innovators. For more information, visit

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