Brinell Measurement System automatically stores data.

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QualiScope II features CCD camera mounted in rugged protective housing, with advanced optics allowing measurements with resolution of up to 0.003 mm and ±0.5% accuracy. Image analysis software automatically measures diameter of indentation and calculates brinell hardness value according to ASTM E10. Network-capable system stores all measurements with their image and enables operator to select datasets for customized reports and also export data.

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QualiScope II Advanced Automatic Brinell Measurement System

Qualitest presents QualiScope II, the latest technology in handheld automatic brinell measurement systems. QualiScope II is designed to make your testing program faster and more accurate. It also improves quality control management - it automatically stores data and is network capable.

Although the Brinell test is widely known as one of the most accurate test methods for hardness testing of metals, error in the reading of the indentation size results in measurement errors of 0.1 mm between operators - the range is even greater between labs. This error can take up your entire tolerance specification. The QualiScope II will virtually eliminate operator influence on test results. Repeatability and reproducibility will be greatly improved using the QualiScope II measurement system; test results will no longer change with every shift change.

QualiScope II features a CCD camera mounted in a rugged protective housing and the advanced optics allows for measurements to be carried out with plus/minus 0.5% accuracy and a resolution of up to 0.003mm. The advanced image analysis software automatically measures the diameter of the indentation and calculates the brinell hardness value according to ASTM E10. All measurements are stored with their image which allows for re-evaluation of the results. The operator can freely select data sets for customized reports and export data to external quality control software solutions.

Increased speed and accuracy changes the capability of your entire Brinell program dramatically. Instead of being a rough quality control measurement to find defects, the testing can add process control functionality to quickly predict potential production problems and correct them before bad parts start streaming out the other end.

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