Breakaway Couplings come in application-specific variants.

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Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, 4 in. dia Marine Break-Away Coupling has max working pressure of 25 bar and disconnects under straight pull force. Standard Break-Away Coupling in 2 or 3 in. aluminum variants have max working pressure of 10 bar. For use with loading arms and hose, 40 bar-rated 2 and 3 in. Collar Release Break-Away Couplings disconnect if loading arms travels past breakage position.

Original Press Release:

Strengthening Our Range of Break-Away Couplings

As well as being known for some of the best hazardous liquid handling products in the market, Emco Wheaton is equally proud of the attention it pays to its customer needs.  In direct response to customer feedback, Emco Wheaton is launching six new products, within its TODO range.

The new Marine Break-Away Coupling is available in a 4” diameter and is a version of the tried and tested TODO Break-Away Coupling that has been designed to withstand harsh marine conditions with its robust design.

Engineered to disconnect under straight pull force, separation takes place if a vessel moves too far.  The valves, that are present in each half of the equipment, snap shut thereby minimizing any potential spill of liquids into the environment or loss of client product. The Marine Break-Away has a maximum working pressure of 25 bar.

The standard Break-Away Coupling is now also available in 2” or 3” Aluminium variants as well as a 4” stainless steel version.   Emco Wheaton decided to develop aluminium versions in response to client feedback for a lighter version of the trusted stainless steel coupling. The standard Break-Away Coupling is already one of the most popular on the market and the additional variants are part of Emco Wheaton’s long standing commitment to the TODO product line.

The 2” and 3” aluminium Break-Away Couplings have a maximum working pressure of 10 bar with the 4” stainless steel capable of bearing pressure of 25 bar.

The final new addition to the Break-Away Coupling range, for 2014, is the Collar Release.  It is available in 2” and 3” sizes. The Collar Release is a completely different type of Break-Away which has been designed for use with loading arms and a hose, rather than two hoses. The collar release breakaway is engineered to disconnect if the loading arms travels past the customer designated breakage position. The actual collar is linked via break cable to the loading arm so that once the break position is reached, the collar splits, closing the valves off.  In addition to reducing any potential environmental impact from a break, the loading arm is safeguarded and potential costly downtime is avoided. Both Collar Release Couplings are capable of working at pressures of 40 bar.

Emco Wheaton is exceptionally proud of these additions to the TODO Break-Away Coupling range and has plans to release even more variants in 2015.

Principal Engineer Sam Blackmore, who worked on the project to bring this equipment to market said: “Voice of our customer is a critical point of our development process.  We listened to our clients’ feedback seeking more sizes of the Break-Away Couplings to support their production needs.”

“We received positive feedback from clients regarding our current variants and we’re equally confident the new versions will be as well received by our clients.”

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Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for more than 100 years. From the top loading and bottom loading of single or multi-compartment trailer trucks and rail cars, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids including bio fuels, we always have the best solutions.

Our product portfolio includes top loading and unloading arms and bottom loading and unloading arms for road and rail applications as well as a wide range of marine loading and unloading arms, loading arm accessories and specialty loading arms. We also manufacture a complete range of tank truck components and tank truck systems.

In addition we manufacture gantry access equipment such as folding stairways, safety cages and protective grating systems; floating suctions for storage tanks; fueling systems for fast, spill-free fueling of transit buses and other fleet vehicles, locomotives, aircraft, helicopters and for mining and off-highway applications.

We also provide a comprehensive range of DRY-BREAK couplings and DRY-BREAK adapters; API couplers and safety release systems. With a global network of trained technicians, distributors and representatives, we endeavor to provide our customers superior service, ensuring successful installation and long-term operation of the systems and products supplied.

In 2006, TODO, a leading Swedish manufacturer of Dry Break couplings and adaptors was added to the Emco Wheaton Division through acquisition, substantially strengthening global presence and broad product offering.

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